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Finding the Right Dining Sets for Small Spaces

If you’re furnishing a studio apartment or creating a chic breakfast nook, our small dining room sets provide a cozy, intimate setting to gather around the table. Choose from our complete collection of space-conscious pieces like bar height tables, backless stools, petite bistro sets, storage tables and more.

Choosing the perfect dining set can be a challenge, especially if square footage is at a premium. Whether you're outfitting an apartment, condo, or a small home, space-saving tables and chairs are vital to maintaining a rooms' footpaths and flow.

Compact and Stylish Dining Room Sets

If used efficiently, limited rooms are a blessing in disguise. Making the most of available space creates new opportunities for exciting designs. Barstools are one option are worth your consideration. Since they tuck easily under tables, a barstool set is ideal for a breakfast nook or kitchen island.

Minimalism is all about keeping to the bare essentials. Using this style for a small dining room is a smart design choice. For example, a simple, square table paired with armless side chairs definitely strikes a minimalist chord. These space-saving tables and chairs are a chic solution for tiny kitchen nooks.

For a tiny dining area that’s big on style, shop our small dining room set selection. We have a broad range of table and chair designs, including minimal, industrial and transitional options in many colors, finishes and shapes. From square and round tables as well as classic or contemporary styles, the compact dining collection for your space is at Rooms To Go.

Create an Open Design

When considering small dining table sets, try to keep your area open and welcoming. Large, bulky models are impractical and may leave you and your guests backed into a corner. Dining furniture with a narrow profile is less likely to make a room feel cramped or overstuffed.

To make sure you have plenty of room, measure the room before deciding on a table set. Knowing the exact dimensions of your space helps you avoid purchasing furniture that overwhelms the room. Getting the right space-saving dining set may also prevent people from bumping their chairs into walls when they readjust their seat.

Don’t overlook the concept of visual space. Dining sets featuring glass top tables with streamlined bases and tailored chairs offer an open, airy look that makes a room feel more spacious.

Options for Space-Saving Dining Tables

A small room doesn't have to translate to compromised dining space. With a little creativity and the right furniture, you can design a warm and welcoming place in your home that will be perfect for mealtime.

Foldable Dining Tables

If a room is especially tight, a foldable dining table is a good idea. Also called drop leaf tables, these versatile pieces allow you to rearrange your furniture almost instantly. Enjoy a meal with friends and family then simply fold the sides down and store it against a wall. A drop leaf model can even serve as a console table until you need it for game night or a holiday party.

Extendable Dining Tables

Coming up with creative ways to outfit a room can be fun and surprising. For example, an extendable dining table with removable inserts accommodates more guests when needed, a perfect solution for snug areas.

Round Tables

A round top is a great choice for a space-saving dining table. Opting for smooth curves instead of straight edges makes a room feel more open and ease movement through the space. Many models fit four to five seats so that everyone can join in on the feast. They are built specifically for apartments and homes with limited layouts making them practical and charming dining tables for small spaces.

Counter-Height Considerations

Add a truly compact touch to a kitchen nook with a pub table. Paired with barstools or counter height chairs, guests will appreciate the restaurant-style flair these furnishings bring to your home. Take the design a step further and add decor inspired by cafes or coffee shops to create an authentic feel.

Small Dining Sets with Storage

Compact dining table sets that offer storage in the table base for wine bottles, flatware, and table linens provide strategic use of often underutilized space, helping you make the most of a snug dining room. Alternately, for the ultimate in space-saving dining table pieces, consider a storage ottoman with built-in seats. These unique alternatives to traditional dining sets provide a comfortable place to sit and plenty of room.

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