At the dinner table, everyone deserves a fair share. It's where families and friends gather, where parties are held, graduations are celebrated, and traditions pass down generation by generation. Everyone should have a chance to get in on the excitement that generally takes place during meals. That's where the round dining tables featured in our online catalog come in. Traditional, squared tables create awkward angles that leave diners craning their necks while engrossed in conversation. Circular dining tables allow for everyone to have a more comfortable view of not only the people around them but the meal sitting before them. Browse our collection and find a round dining table perfect for a particular eating area or dining room in your home. We offer varieties of ash, okoume, glass, poplar, and other beautiful wood solids stained in rich hues of black, espresso, pecan, and bronze. Gather around a circular dining table and bring everyone together the way dinner and other celebrations were intended.