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    Why Buy a Green Accent Pillow from Rooms To Go?

    Add some character to your living room or study with a few green accent pillows. Our vast collection of hues means there is a shade to fit every decor. Beachy looks typically call for soft seafoam and moss while a green throw pillow with a palm leaf print also enhances a tropical theme. Utilize chic teal tones to boost contemporary sofas and olive or forest for timeless appeal in traditional seating options.

    You can amp up the bedroom with an assortment of green accent pillows as well. Select different shapes and sizes to turn the bed into a lush and welcoming oasis of pure comfort or create a focal point using different fabrics and textures. For an extra bit of fun, pick up a green accent pillow covered in ruffles or faux fur.

    Other colors for accent pillows:

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