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    A kids' room needs plenty of space to store toys, art supplies and other prized items. At Rooms To Go, we provide an extensive selection of children's storage options that will add style to a kids' bedroom, nursery or living room.

    Our vast storage selection includes wall storage cubes, rolling storage bins, decorative toy boxes, bookcases and trunks. Aside from typical kids' storage containers, we also offer unique storage solutions, such as table sets with storage bins, multi-bin storage racks, storage book sets, shelving units, chests, toy toolboxes, window seat chests and ottomans that double as storage bins.

    Catering to both boys and girls, we provide storage options that match any room decor. Our storage bins come in every color of the rainbow as well as vibrant finishes, like chocolate, white, gray, pink, honey, khaki, natural, cherry, sapphire, strawberry and turquoise. Many of our storage bins also feature graphics of animated Disney and Disney Princess characters.

    Finding the right furniture for kids' room storage can be tough, but we make it easy. Whether you seek a classic wooden toy box, a bookshelf, a heavy duty trunk, a padded upholstered kids' storage bench or stackable storage cube organizers, we have the kids' storage solutions for you. Browse through our storage selection to find an option that your toddler, child or teen will love. Or, use our guide on maximizing storage in your child's bedroom.

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