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Looking for a stylish and functional bed for your son? Versatile boys loft beds from Rooms to Go come with unique features to suit your kid's needs, making them an ideal choice for practical and stylish bedroom layouts. With so many designs, finishes and sizes to choose from, you can have a fun and easy time picking out a boys loft bed that your toddler or teenager will love.

Function and Style Features

Many of our boys loft beds include handy features for smart and chic decorating. For example, space-saving loft beds with desks can fit well in small rooms while making it easier for teens to head to bed after a long late-night study session. Meanwhile, a storage loft bed comes with built-in shelves and drawers that let your kid store and display their favorite clothes, books and trinkets.

Does your toddler enjoy building forts and playing make-believe? A tent loft bed with a canopy and flap-style doors is an excellent pick for your playful and imaginative little ones. Cool step loft beds with unique staircase drawers leading to the top bunk are another fun option that offers extra storage and style.

Favorite Colors & Finishes

Browse our selection to find colorful boys loft beds that complement the other decor in your son's room. Light and dark wood bed frames bring a charming, laidback vibe to a small child's room, while a metal loft bed is a sleek and sophisticated option for your preteen. Choosing neutral gray, black or white loft beds is a smart way to ensure that your kid's bed can always fit their bedroom color scheme.

Suitable Sizes

A boys loft bed should also provide plenty of elbow room to help your kid stay comfy and get the healthy sleep they need. Give your small kindergartener a twin loft bed that offers enough room for them, their fluffiest pillows and their favorite stuffed animals. For tween and teenage boys, consider full-size loft beds with wide frames to support their growing bodies.

Beds for Every Age

At Rooms To Go, you can find loft beds for boys in almost every age group. Our toddler loft beds have features like slides, cloth tents and shortened ladders that help make naptime and bedtime fun. Meanwhile, tween and teen loft beds often come with attached desks, chests and futons for a smart and sophisticated look.

Decorating for twins or brother sharing a bedroom? Check out our selection of Rooms to Go boys bunk beds for more stylish, space-saving bedroom furniture ideas.