Versatility: Perfect for anyone who needs assistance standing up from a seated position, our lift recliners are practical yet stylish. The dual-purpose chairs offer a comfortable place to sit back and prop your feet while providing an extra boost when it's time to stand again. Available in a multitude of styles and colors including beige, brown, gray, or contemporary our lift chairs our designed to fit the look of any room, each chair blends flawlessly no matter where you put it.

Function: Made from sturdy, durable materials, each lift recliner is built to withstand everyday use. The chairs come with many adjustable features that let users choose their own levels of comfort and support with the push of a button. Modern and convenient, the motorized lift function ensures a smooth ride when getting up. With all models offering battery backup, Rooms To Go lift chairs will work as long as you need them to.

Style: Upholstered in a wide range of color choices, each chair is designed to blend right into your living room decor. With various stylish elements, such as split-back designs, rounded edges, and padded arms, you are sure to find the lift recliner that looks as good as it performs. There's no better time to recline in a chair that also helps you get back on your feet.