Teen Girl Room Ideas

Designing a Bedroom That Your Daughter's Sure to Love

Your teen may have a sense of what decor style she prefers. Teenage girl bedroom ideas should take this into account while leaving room for all the growing she has yet to do.

Here is what this post covers:

  1. Color Schemes

    Gray (including popular gray combinations)

  2. How to Choose Color Palettes
  3. Aesthetic Bedrooms
  4. Necessities
  5. Decor

At the end of the day, the most important thing about a teen girl bedroom is that you and your daughter are happy with the results. Navigating all the furniture, color and style options is easy with a decorating plan you can both get behind.

With these handy tips, you can help your teen create the room of her dreams.
With these handy tips, you can help your teen create the room of her dreams.

Color Schemes

What Is the Best Color for a Teenage Girl’s Bedroom?

There isn’t necessarily one best room color for teenage girls. Instead, think about what will fit your daughter’s needs. Whether you go neutral to make redecorating easy or paint her room a bold, signature shade, your daughter should have the most input. Listen to what your teen wants to see in her space to make the room feel like it’s hers.


Gray Teen Girl Room Ideas
Gray is an ultra-chic neutral that goes with just about anything, so it makes an ideal base for teen bedroom decor. Pair gray with other neutrals for a soothing, contemporary look, or use it as a backdrop for more attention-grabbing colors. Check out these teen bedroom ideas for decorating with gray to find a combo that matches your daughter’s personality:

Gray Color Combinations

Gray & Black

Gray and Black

Fashionistas will love the drama of this dark, moody color scheme.

Place a jet black headboard against a slate wall to make her stylish bed the focal point of the room. For maximum impact, paint an accent wall black and use light gray girls’ bedding, furniture and rugs to balance the space.

Gray & White

Gray and White

Give your daughter’s room a grown-up contemporary vibe with this all-neutral palette.

White and gray teen girl bedrooms can be calming in soft tones like ivory and dove or dramatic in contrasting shades like ice and charcoal. Silver accents offer just a hint of sparkle.

Gray & Pink

Gray and Pink

Sweet yet sophisticated, pink and gray are popular room colors for teenage girls.

Pair a taupe-gray twin bedroom set with blush wall art, comforters in geometric patterns and coral accent pillows for an eclectic bedroom ensemble.


Teen Girl Bedrooms in Red
Girls who love all things red might like bedrooms that incorporate their favorite color. Hues like scarlet, crimson and wine tend to be dominant, so neutral accents keep them from competing with other bold colors. To pair red accessories or linens with wood bedroom furniture, consider cherry finishes with a natural red undertone.


Pink Bedrooms for Teens
In shades from fuchsia to rose, pink is a classic color for teen girl bedrooms. Complement this pretty hue with fluffy comforters, tufted headboards and furniture embellished with metallic hardware to create a graceful, feminine aesthetic.

To give her pastel palette a contemporary twist, accent pink bedrooms with touches of black.
To give her pastel palette a contemporary twist, accent pink bedrooms with touches of black.


Green Teen Bedroom Ideas
Depending on the shade you choose, green bedrooms can be serene or vibrant. Try pairing brighter wall colors like mint, lime or seafoam with white bedroom sets for a fresh, modern feel. Blue or yellow accents give green rooms a relaxing palette while contrasting hues like red and pink make a strong statement.

Advice for Choosing Color Palettes

Some simple guidelines can help you pick the colors for a teen girl’s room with confidence. For the best results, consider how many hues you want to include as well as how they will interact. One, two and three color schemes are all popular choices to create a chic, balanced look for bedrooms:

  • Monochromatic palette: Try experimenting with several shades of one color in bedrooms for teenage girls. Reserve richer, more saturated hues for accents and use muted tones to your heart’s content. In an all-green room, soft sage works well for the walls or furniture, while deep emerald is best in a supporting role for rugs, curtains or pillows.
  • Two-color palette: For another simple color scheme, try making two tones the center of your decorating plan. Hues across from each other on the color wheel, like blue and orange, make eye-catching room colors for teen girls. For a more subdued, soothing space, try two similar tones, like pink and peach.
  • Three-color palette: A three-color palette is a tried-and-true choice to offer both variety and cohesion. Choose a neutral shade as the basis for your teen’s bedroom color scheme, and then add two accent colors.

When mixing several colors, balance is key. Start by selecting one tone as the base or dominant hue. In general,