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    Foyer Design for Any Entryway

    While some homes have a formal foyer, others can make clever use of entryway furniture and decor to get the job done. The key to creating a welcoming foyer is choosing items that help visitors transition smoothly in and out of the house. Because of this, functionality is the most important element to consider when designing an entryway to look like a foyer.

    As the first thing guests see, the entryway presents you with a chance to make a lasting impression. You’ll need to think about what makes a foyer useful, considering your home’s layout and the necessary furniture. For the finishing touch, add decorative items to personalize your space. Keep reading for some fake foyer ideas for your home.

    The Main Elements of Entryways

    When creating an entryway, the following items help bolster that homey feeling that makes guests want to take off their coats and stay awhile. The main components of an entryway include:

    • Surface Space: Having a table or surface to set your keys, wallet, purse, phone or other personal belongings on adds convenience to your space.
    • Storage: A foyer must-have, entryway storage keeps your home tidy and your on-the-go essentials right by the door.
    • Seating: One of the best ways to welcome a guest is to offer them a place to sit with entryway seating.
    • Ample Lighting: What better way to impress your visitors than to illuminate your home with brilliant and stylish lighting?
    • Decor: Give your foyer the same attention to detail you afford the rest of your home with a few thoughtfully placed pieces of home decor.

    With all of these basics in place, you’ll be well on your way to having a fantastic foyer. Of course, the options are nearly endless. Your entryway ideas will depend on your personal style and the layout of your home.

    Furniture for the Foyer

    Catch-All Foyer Tables

    The space near a front door inevitably becomes a landing zone for mail, keys, phones, pet leashes and everything you shed upon stepping inside. Having a specific spot for these items keeps you organized and ensures the house is always ready for visitors. Check out these ideas for entryway tables:

    • Console Tables: Try placing a narrow console table along the wall of your front entrance and decorate it with ceramic dishes and woven baskets to keep your belongings sorted.
    • Accent Tables: With a variety of colors, finishes and styles to choose from, accent tables make it easy to find a unique entryway table to suit your space.
    • Half-Moon Tables: The rounded edge of these models adds visual interest to your foyer. Many styles also have built-in cabinets for extra entryway shoe storage.
    • End Tables: Great for smaller spaces, end tables are slimmer, available in a wide range of options and they look great in various layouts. Try tucking one in the corner or framing a doorway with a stand on either side.

    Smart Entryway Storage Solutions

    One of the key elements of foyer design is finding ways to store your belongings. Accent cabinets are easy to integrate into your decor, and there are plenty of available styles. They also give you the option to display or disguise your belongings with both glass and opaque doors. Additionally, you can take advantage of drawers and cubbies for gloves and scarves.

    Stylish Entryway Seating Ideas

    Having a foyer seating area for guests to slip off their shoes is essential. Something as simple as a single chair is easy to fit into most entryways. Plus, you can choose from a variety of styles, designs, fabrics and colors. Some of the most popular options include:

    • Chairs: Ensure your guests are comfortable from the moment they set foot in your home with a lovely accent chair. For premium comfort, opt for soft, upholstered seats with plush cushions.
    • Benches: An accent bench has twice the seating capacity of a standard chair, plus many models can double as low tables and bonus storage space.
    • Ottomans and Poufs: From boho chic to modern glam, ottomans and poufs are cool seating alternatives that also serve as decorative pieces.
    Ensure your guests are comfortable from the moment they set foot in your home with a lovely accent bench.

    Foyer Ideas for Different Layouts

    How to Create a Foyer in an Open Living Room

    Even if your front door opens directly into the living room, you can still carve out space for a foyer. If your floor plan allows it, you could repurpose a small hallway, or you can change up your layout for a similar effect. One solution may be to use a barrier between the entryway and the rest of the house.

    You can achieve this look by adding foyer furniture like a hall tree, bookcase or screen to section off the rest of your living area from the entryway. If this approach makes your room feel too cluttered, a small area rug and coat rack is a subtler way to establish distinct zones.

    What to Do When Your Entryway Has Stairs

    If your home opens up to a staircase, it can be tough to make room for a foyer. When you want visitors to come straight upstairs, use the upper landing for entryway furniture. Give guests visual clues about where to leave their coats and shoes by mounting wall hooks and placing a mat at the top of the steps. For a little personalization, add a large potted plant or wall art.