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    Unique Bedside Lighting

    Bedroom Light Fixtures and Lamps to Help Your Bedroom Stand Out

    While some people may want a sleek and simple bedside lamp, others may be seeking something a little outside the norm. Applying unique bedroom lighting ideas to your room lets you showcase your one-of-a-kind style while also fulfilling the needs of your space.

    Keep reading for uncommon fixture options including:

    Uncommon Bedside Lighting Ideas

    There are several different types of lights you can choose to illuminate your bedroom and show off your chic and unique style. Consider the following lamps and light fixtures to give your bedroom design an unexpected twist.

    Light up the Room with Hanging Bedside Lamps

    Overhead light fixtures are a unique alternative to table lamps. Chic pendant lighting placed above your nightstands spreads light evenly throughout the room. Choose a matching set of hanging bedside lamps for a balanced look, or try a single chandelier over the bed to serve as a dramatic focal point.

    In rooms with lower ceilings, choose ceiling mounted chandeliers to ensure adequate headspace when climbing out of bed.
    In rooms with lower ceilings, choose ceiling mounted chandeliers to ensure adequate headspace when climbing out of bed.

    Save Space with Wall-Mounted Bedside Lights

    Looking to free up room on your bedside table? Space-saving wall sconces minimize clutter and make room for photos or device chargers. These lights also produce a soft, soothing glow that allows your partner to sleep undisturbed as you catch up on emails or enjoy some late-night reading.

    Stand Out with Bedside Floor Lamps

    A standing lamp is another space-saver that illuminates your bedroom without crowding your night table. Sleek bedside floor lamps are a softer alternative to harsh overhead light fixtures, too. With a directional shade, they can also serve as task lighting for a reading nook or bedroom office space.

    A New Spin on an Old Classic

    When people think of bedside lamps, many often picture graceful ceramic pieces topped with round canvas shades. However, distinctive bedroom bedroom table lamps pack a punch in terms of style. Skip the ordinary and choose an eye-catching lamp with unusual flair to ramp up a chic and unique look.

    What Type of Lighting Is Best for My Bedroom?

    Thinking about how you plan to spend time in your bedroom can help you pick a practical lamp that suits your needs. From there, you can select fixtures that match your color scheme and style and discover lighting that delivers the perfect blend of fashion and function.

    Functional Bedroom Light Fixtures

    Some people want gentle lighting to create a tranquil setting as they wind down before bed. If this is the case for you, a table lamp or wall sconce might be a suitable choice. These fixtures provide personal illumination rather than bathing the entire room in light. Their soft glow also promotes a soothing atmosphere to prepare you for a restful sleep.

    On the other hand, some night owls like brighter task lighting so they can study or flip through the latest page-turner. Whether you prefer the direct overhead light from a chandelier or the upward-facing beam of a standing lamp, these pieces light up your room for some last-minute leisure time before bed.

    Fashionable Fixtures

    Once you determine the perfect amount of light for your needs, look for bedside light fixtures that enhance the space as well as your style. Complement your color scheme with beige or gray table lamps, or consider using brown or black chandeliers. Try a metallic gold or bronze floor lamp to warm up a neutral palette, or opt for a vibrant red, blue, orange or green table lamp to add a pop of color.

    Bringing unique light fixtures to your bedroom can revitalize the rest of your decor. Here are a few suggestions on pairing stylish lighting options with the rest of your bedroom furniture so you can breathe new life into your layout:

    • Traditional: Complement classic nightstands with sophisticated wall sconces featuring shimmering crystal accents and distressed antique finishes. To create a cohesive and balanced look, set up classic pedestal-base table lamps on either side of your traditional bed frame.
    • Rustic: Tie your rustic bedroom layout together by hanging glass orb pendant lights over your nightstands or arranging a grand antler chandelier above your bed. You could also try a table lamp with a natural wood base or a three-arm arc floor lamp with a rattan shade to incorporate coastal touches into your design.
    • Contemporary: Looking to add a glamorous touch to your sleep space? Finish off your contemporary bedroom with a cascading glass spire chandelier or a stunning silver floor lamp with a dazzling crystal shade.

    Bedroom Lights for Kids and Teens

    When decorating rooms for kids and teens, the right bedroom lighting can highlight your child’s interests. Vibrant lamps for boys or girls featuring dinosaurs or princess motifs let you add fun, functional accents that delight your little ones. When choosing light fixtures for your teen, consider glittering string lights, LED lamps with cool sculpted bases or crystal chandeliers in their favorite colors.

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