Sofa Sets for Small Living Rooms

How to Find the Best Sofa Set for Your Small Living Room

Every inch counts when you’re outfitting a small living room, so choosing a small couch, sectional or loveseat to maximize your square footage is a crucial decision. The right small living room furniture in a space-saving layout makes the most of your minimal measurements. With a little planning, you can also bring in stylish decor and practical accents to complement your small space design.

Small Couches: What Type of Couch is Best for a Small Living Room?

Choosing sofas for small spaces requires a bit of extra planning. Seating sets are often the focal point of the living room, so you’ll want a stylish standout that coordinates with your decor and color palette. A small sofa also needs to be cozy and compact to avoid overcrowding. Read up on small living room set ideas or research tips for furnishing your studio apartment to get some inspiration.

Sofa Set Designs for Small Living Rooms

Certain sofa styles work better for tiny living rooms than others. Choosing simple modern couches for small spaces helps you avoid the frilly skirting, boxy frames and overstuffed cushions that make your sofa seem oversized. Sleek contemporary sofas also feature streamlined designs that add an extra touch of pizazz to your family room layout.

Couches for Small Living Rooms: Choosing Space-Saving Seats

There are a few different ways to go about finding a sofa for a small room. One method is to shop for an apartment-sized sofa, loveseat or sectional with reduced dimensions to fit tiny areas. Their low-profile or armless designs offer a better view of the walls and flooring behind them to make the room seem more spacious.

Another way to furnish a tiny room is to search for unique seats with a minimal shape to fit your layout. Use a backless couch, settee or chaise lounge to break from tradition and establish a different design perspective. You could also opt for a coordinated collection of plush or upholstered accent chairs to seat even more people and give your space a chic, eclectic look.

It’s also possible to combine these two strategies for your small living room set. Selecting a modest 2pc living room set or a small sectional with a chaise lets you create a look similar to larger rooms. These seats also provide a cozy arrangement for conversation while still offering plenty of elbow room for your family and friends.

Small Sofa Arrangements: How Should Furniture Be Placed in a Small Living Room?

Organizing your seating is an essential step in developing your small space decorating ideas. The size and shape of your small living room will determine where you place your sofa set. You may be stuck with a single furniture configuration if you’re working with larger seating in a tight space. Choosing smaller couch and armchair combos lends more flexibility to your furniture layout.

Once you decide on the best living room sofa sets for your small living room, there are a few different ways you can design your furniture layout. Use the following seating arrangement suggestions to give your small living room a gorgeous look and an open feel:

  • Center Your Seats Around a Focal Point: Whether it’s a grand wall unit, a dazzling chandelier, a crackling fireplace console or the stunning landscape outside your window, your seating area should accentuate the centerpiece of your living room. Try arranging your couch or small sectional sofa around this focal point so that you and your loved ones can sit back and enjoy the view.
  • Use Seating as a Centerpiece: Sometimes, the seating itself makes an excellent focal point for your small living room. If you’re in love with your small sofa’s style or color, make it the center of attention by placing it in the middle of the room. This choice opens up space to access the seat from either side and frees up room along the walls for storage pieces and accent furniture.
  • Set Sofas Against the Walls: If the room is truly limited, place your sofa set against two walls to make the most of your floor space. A small corner sofa is a great fit for tiny living rooms, while L-shaped sectionals let you seat more people and give your room a clutter-free look.
  • Leave Room for Accents and Decor: Wherever you place your sofa, be sure to leave enough space to enjoy the seat’s unique functions. Your layout should allow you to sway in your glider loveseat, kick back in your small reclining sectional or catch a nap on your small sleeper sofa. Make sure to also account for any small coffee tables or ottomans you want to add.

Small Living Room Ideas: Adding Depth with Colors, Patterns and Decor

The colors, motifs and accent pieces you choose for your small living room are just as important as the size of your sofa. Choosing the right palette and patterns for your furniture and decor makes a small room look bigger and gives your ensemble a stylish boost. The tips listed below can help you select shades and designs that create the illusion of openness in your tiny living room.

Best Colors for Small Couches

Whether you prefer tiny microfiber couches or small leather sectionals, light-colored upholstery is the way to go when picking out sofa sets for small living rooms. Soft gray, white and beige sets reflect light, making rooms seem expansive and bright. Even colorful couches in shades of aqua blue and mint green can help your family room seem airy and spacious.

Small Space Prints and Patterns

Unique textures and patterned accents have a big impact on small living rooms. Floral rugs, zigzag print curtains and plaid or polka dot throw pillows have an energetic vibe, making living rooms feel lively and spacious. However, be sure to use patterned pieces sparingly to avoid overwhelming your layout with visual clutter.

Space-Saving Decor for Small Living Rooms

As you move on to the home decor section of your small home or apartment checklist, think about choosing specific accents that make your tiny living room seem spacious. For example, glass-top accent table sets take up far less visual real estate than solid pieces. When choosing wall decor, consider decorative mirrors to reflect the room and give the illusion of a wider view.