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    Creating a Beach-Themed Patio Layout

    Photo of teak and wicker beachy conversation set

    Creating a Beach-Themed Patio Layout

    Establishing a beachy theme in your backyard is an excellent way to transform your layout into a sunny, relaxing getaway. To achieve this goal, you'll need to decide whether you want your chic and casual setup to have more coastal, nautical or tropical appeal. From there, you can select beach patio decor that evokes the calm yet refreshing vibe of a seaside vacation spot.


    Want to know what outdoor beach decor you can use to help your yard, porch or patio look like your favorite coastal paradise? Use this handy beach-themed outdoor decor guide to learn about:

    Photo of a light wood and wicker seating set with gray cushions

    While coastal, nautical and tropical themes share similar elements, there are subtle differences to each design.

    Coastal Design

    Photo of a brown wicker patio seating set with putty colored cushions

    With the right color palette, comfy furnishings and beachy motifs, you can transform your patio into a coastal haven.

    How to Make Your Yard Look Like a Beach

    To create a coastal theme, you'll need to fill your backyard with beach decor that reminds you of the sun, sand and sea. While this design might showcase the occasional pink flamingo garden sculpture or boldly-painted Adirondack chair, coastal layouts predominantly feature soft colors, rugged textures and ocean-inspired accents to remind you of a sunny afternoon by the shore.

    Breezy Coastal Color Palettes

    Coastal outdoor decor typically mimics the natural colors you see when spending a day at the beach. However, you can blend a few bold hues in with the sky blues, ocean teals, sunny yellows and sandy beiges to personalize your unique palette. Add a serine feel to your patio using these soft seaside tones:

    • Shades of Blue: Blue tones evoke the calming vibe of the bright sky and ocean waves, promoting a chill vibe on your patio when the weather gets hot. A light blue sectional with seashell-patterned toss pillows is the perfect tranquil combo for your coastal deck layout.
    • Neutral Beiges: Select furnishings and decor featuring bleached taupes and tans that remind you of pristine sandy shores. Combining blue dining seat cushions, a beige wicker dining arrangement and a soft tan area rug sets the stage for al fresco meals on your breezy coastal patio.
    • Striking Whites: For many people, white patio furniture is a staple of coastal outdoor decor. It promotes a crisp, clean aesthetic while pairing beautifully with other furnishings and vibrant accents. A white daybed or set of chaise lounges makes for upscale poolside relaxation, while white patio umbrellas offer shade to keep things cool and stylish.
    • Soft Greens: Refresh your patio with hints of teal and key lime green. Pin-striped green and white cushions give your beachy layout a timeless look. Meanwhile, a couple of potted leafy plants let you kick back and listen to the sounds of sawgrass and palm fronds blowing in the breeze.
    • Vibrant Yellows: Yellow furnishings are excellent for warming up your coastal outdoor layout. Bring some sunshine and much-needed shade to your beach-themed dining area with a sunny yellow table umbrella. Or, add some cheery curb appeal by choosing yellow rockers for your front porch.
    Photo of a coastal teak patio seating set with tan cushions, a beige rug and coral print cushions

    Coastal-style patio seating with white cushions, coral-print pillows and a sandy beige rug.

    Lounge-Worthy Furniture & Coastal Decor

    With this design style, it's important to choose coastal outdoor furniture that promotes refreshing relaxation. Choose items with smooth textiles, natural finishes and comfy cushions that keep you cozy. Set up reclining seats, swings and ottomans that let you kick back and soak up the sun. Also, select a teak dining set with adjustable bar stools, sling-back seats or teak chairs featuring tie-on cushions.

    Less is more when it comes to coastal outdoor decor, so you only have to incorporate a few accents to make a huge impact. Oversized seashells and a set of colorful sea glass bottles can add beachy flair to any outdoor dining table or seating area. Woven seagrass baskets further the look, while lantern-style sconces provide ambient lighting and charming appeal.

    Photo of a teak bar height dining set with stools

    Complete your beachy balcony using a teak bar height dining set with coral-shaped tabletop decor.

    Chic, Beachy Textures

    Even if your current setup features a different decor style, you can use textured beach patio decor to evoke a breezy, coastal atmosphere. Incorporate a few ocean-themed accents into your modern layout to upgrade the simple, chic aesthetic. Or, achieve a bohemian beach look with comfy rattan seating, driftwood accents, and soft white outdoor fabrics. For a rustic look, check out coffee tables, dining tables and conversation sets featuring shiplap panels or weathered wood finishes.

    Photo of a rattan patio seating set and tables

    Rattan seating and other natural accents are perfect for a boho-chic, beach style patio.

    Nautical Style

    Photo of a gray wooden seating set with blue cushions

    Ocean blue color schemes, clean lines and sailing-themed accessories define nautical-style patios.

    Creating a Nautical Retreat

    Showcase your love of boating throughout your patio using nautical outdoor decor. While the theme typically calls for specific colors and accessories, there are several ways to make your nautical layout your own. If you're a sailor yourself, you can even decorate your space to resemble your actual vessel and make every season feel like boating season.

    Colors, Textures & Prints

    Blue and white colors are staples of the nautical aesthetic. Think striped blue chaise lounges, navy blue and white rugs with nautical motifs, or solid blue sofas with white piping. You might also add bright scarlet toss pillows, vases and throw blankets to establish a patriotic red-white-and-blue theme. Or, wrap a nautical flag banner around your porch banister or under your enclosed patio awning.

    Photo of a brown wicker sectional with blue cushions

    Add extra textures, colors and prints to the traditional blue and white palette to personalize your nautical design.

    Nautical outdoor decor includes various textured items, such as decorative netting you can hang along your backyard fence, woven wicker conversation sets and wood dining tables with plank-style tops. Ropes and knots are also common in this decor style, so many nautical patios have rope-wrapped candleholders atop wooden side tables.

    Outdoor accessories with themed prints and patterns are essential for creating a nautical patio theme. Maritime motifs such as anchors, helm wheels, seagulls and compasses are prevalent in this style. As such, area rugs, throw pillows and wall hangings featuring these prints are the perfect finishing touch for a nautical patio layout.

    Timeless Furnishings & Accessories

    Like coastal decor, nautical outdoor furniture has simple silhouettes, clean lines, textured accents and comfortable seating. Whether you're outfitting your deck or patio with a classic conversation set or a casual dining ensemble, choosing pieces in this style makes it easy to evoke a relaxed yet sophisticated nautical aesthetic.

    Along with textured, patterned textiles, you can use accessories to punch up your nautical theme. A model sailboat looks elegant above an outdoor fireplace, while propellers, life preservers and fishing hooks enhance the authentic feel. You can also add rustic lighthouse figurines and bronze sconces or lanterns to mimic the look of a vintage dock light.

    Tropical Layouts

    Your Personal Tropical Getaway

    Creating an island paradise in your backyard can be a breeze with tropical patio furniture and decor. With this style, vibrant hues, dynamic patterns, organic textures and exotic plant life help give your deck or terrace the look and feel of a beachfront resort. If you're looking to enhance the relaxed yet invigorating atmosphere of your space, a tropical beach patio design might be the perfect solution.

    Warm & Bright Colors

    Bold, vivid hues are a strong theme in tropical layouts, evoking a fun and lively feel throughout the space. However, you often see a few cooler tones to contrast the sunny oranges, hot pinks and fiery reds in a typical beachy palette. When choosing tropical outdoor decor, consider using the following shades to establish a balanced color scheme:

    • Cool Blues: Layer shades of aqua, teal and sapphire to bring calming vibes to your patio and promote a sense of serenity. Capture this alluring look with a deep ocean blue sofa set, an area rug featuring multiple navy, cerulean and sky blue tones and a pair of aquamarine side tables.
    • Vivid Greens: An emerald green conversation set, palm frond rug and lime green umbrella lend a lush, refreshing feel to your space. Also, these green hues help more dynamic colors stand out and give your setup the look of a colorful tropical rainforest.
    • Warm Browns: To add more natural appeal to your tropical layout, choose wicker chaise lounges, wood tables, and other fixtures with deep brown finishes. Rich coffee and espresso brown sectionals and gliders have a grounding effect on the more riotous hues on your patio, toning down this exciting aesthetic and promoting relaxation.
    • Sunrise Shades: Tropical decor often features bright oranges, yellows, reds and pinks. Tangerine cushions on a metal sofa and a coral pink area rug make smart, contrasting complements to the blues and greens in your design and mimic the look of the sun rising or setting over the waves.

    Restful & Fun Furniture

    Tropical patio furniture gives you a spot to lounge around on your own and enjoy lively get-togethers with family and friends. Set up a dark brown wicker bar table and stools and invite guests over for a fun cocktail party. When you need some alone time, a porch swing or chaise lounge can serve as the perfect solo seat.

    photo of a gray 3 piece wicker bar set

    Whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet, at-home date night under the stars, a wicker bar set is a must-have for your tropical patio.

    Finishing Touches

    People often decorate their balconies, porches and patios with beach decor because it reminds them of the tropical and coastal locations they love most. Consider incorporating some souvenirs, family vacation photos and hand-crafted accessories that conjure up memories of your favorite beach trips.

    Whether you want to capture the calming, tranquil vibe of a quiet coastal town or the fun, vibrant energy of a tropical island, a beach-themed patio is the way to go. With the color, texture and design tips in this guide, you'll be able to create a personal seaside oasis in your own backyard.

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