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    How to Decorate in Blue and Yellow

    Where cool blue tones promote a calm, soothing atmosphere on your patio, sunny yellow hues deliver striking contrast and an upbeat, cheerful vibe. Combining these two colors is an excellent way to create a bold and beautiful look that balances the fun and fashionable aspects of your outdoor design.


    Take a look at the chic decorating tips in this article to learn about:

    Darion navy blue outdoor rug

    Whether you use bold furnishings or subtle accents, blue and yellow decor can have a profound effect on your patio layout.

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    Bold Blue & Warm Yellow Color Pairings

    To create an elegant, high-contrast look on your terrace or deck, consider using dark blue furniture as a base for your design. Set up cobalt blue tables and a sofa or sectional with plush, deep navy cushions to infuse the space with cozy, classic appeal. Next, accent the space with golden toss pillows, lemon-yellow ottomans and planters full of daffodils, dandelions or other yellow blooms.

    On the flip side, those looking to create more of a casual, charming setup on their balcony or terrace can start with a butterscotch-yellow couch, loveseat or table and bar stool set. Place a few sapphire or indigo throw pillows on the seats and put an azure end table on either side of the sofa for a practical accent and a cooling pop of color.

    Yellow 3 piece dining set

    Blue background accents embolden a warm yellow bistro set.

    Light Yellow & Soft Blue Patios

    If soft pastels are more your style, shades of custard yellow and powder or periwinkle blue might work better for your patio. Lighter hues help your space look bright and inviting, making them perfect for relaxing lunches on your enclosed porch, as well as rowdy outdoor parties with family and friends.

    Furniture with rich, dark finishes can help lighter blues and yellows stand out. Top your buttery-yellow or soft denim-blue rug with a natural teak conversation set or coffee table for a balanced, grounded look. Or, use muted teal and honey-colored pillows to accent your brown or dark gray wicker sofa set.

    Coronado sandstone 5 piece seating set with blue pillows

    Soft ocean blues unite with the subtle yellow glow of a rattan chat set.

    Adding Blue and Yellow Shades to Your Current Look

    Rather than redecorating your entire patio layout, consider revamping your existing palette with a few splashes of cool blue and lively yellow. Incorporating these colors into your space might be easy if you're working with a neutral setup featuring beige sofas and white sectionals or if you have a similar color scheme of blue and white hues in place.

    Those with more vivid colors on their patios might need a little extra help working blue and yellow accents into their designs. Try these tips for areas with the following tones:

    • Green: Since blue and green are closer to one another on the color wheel, consider using navy blue throw pillows to complement your sage green seating set. While the warm, yellowish glow from your fire pit might be enough, you might also want to add a canary-colored figurine or tabletop lantern to the space for a touch of brightness.
    • Red: Yellow and red are a dynamic color pairing that brings vibrant energy to any setup. Adding a pair of yellow rocking chairs and a teal bistro set atop a red outdoor rug is the perfect way to enhance the bright look of the layout while also introducing subtle hints of calming blue.
    • Orange: Looking to add blue and yellow accents to a deck with orange sectionals, chaises and Adirondack chairs? Try setting bright yellow side tables on either side of your seating arrangement. Then, drape a blue throw blanket over the arm of your orange sofa or lounge chair.
    • Pink: A pink patio layout offers plenty of opportunities for introducing yellow and blue decor. Use both pink and yellow chairs for unique, colorful seating on your porch. Place a blue ottoman near the couch atop your pink rug and hang up some ice blue outdoor lanterns for fun and functional lighting.
    Gray 4 PC Outdoor Seating Set

    If you choose the right shades, you can add blue and yellow to almost any patio palette.

    Yellow and Blue Finishing Touches

    Even the subtlest touches of yellow and blue can take your patio layout to the next level. Use some of the following blue and yellow outdoor decor items to tie your comfy and chic design together:

    • Umbrellas & Canopies: Provide shade for your dining arrangements using a bright yellow table umbrella. Or, set up a lagoon blue cantilever umbrella to cover your seating area during sunny days. You can also add a blue or yellow canopy to the backyard to shield guests from harsh sunlight during outdoor parties.
    • Wall Art: Royal blue and antique gold wall decor lets you spruce up your fences and patio walls with a decorative flair. For a more practical touch, mount a yellow clock, blue thermometer or teal and lemon-yellow suncatcher next to your wall sculptures and paintings.
    • Garden Stools: Place a retro turquoise or yellow stool next to your garden statues to establish a cozy relaxation spot amongst the greenery. If you're furnishing an apartment patio or condo deck, consider using one of these versatile seats as a unique side table.
    • Planters: Like stools, flower pots and planters are also an easy way to pull your look together. Use blue or yellow planters in your garden, by the front door, or around your seating area to refresh the space. To better showcase this gorgeous color scheme, plant yellow flowers in your blue planters and blue flowers in the yellow ones.
    Mesi aqua outdoor stool

    Use decorative accents to add subtle touches of yellow and blue to your patio layout.

    As you can see, there are several ways to incorporate yellow and blue tones into your outdoor design. If you're in the process of getting your patio decorating project underway, try out some of the suggestions in this post to create a calm yet fun atmosphere for your space.

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