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    outdoor dining set in black and wicker

    Decorating Your Patio With Black Wicker

    When it comes to selecting outdoor furniture materials, many people prefer to decorate their patio with chic and breezy wicker pieces. Bright, striking finishes make white wicker furnishings a popular choice for sunny outdoor spaces like uncovered decks and terraces. However, black wicker furniture is perfect for those looking to give their setup a unique, sophisticated boost.


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    Benefits of Black Wicker Patio Decor

    People often use woven wicker outdoor furniture to give their patio layout a relaxing look and a tranquil vibe, similar to that of a tropical island resort. While natural brown and soft tan wicker evoke a charming, cozy ambiance, a jet-black or smokey charcoal finish can add a touch of elegant appeal to elevate your space.

    Black wicker furnishings help you establish the perfect posh atmosphere for upscale dinner parties on the lanai or sipping cocktails with visiting coworkers on a balcony. Even if you like to spend your alone time reading on the porch or tanning by the pool, the dark, stylish shades of these pieces can make you feel as if you're lounging in the lap of luxury.

    From a practical standpoint, versatile black wicker patio furniture makes a stunning complement to almost any color scheme. Black outdoor decor can suit the rich browns and dark grays in your palette or have a grounding effect on the more riotous hues in your bright green and pink, vivid red and orange or balanced blue and yellow color scheme.

    outdoor table lamp

    Whatever your current palette, black wicker furniture can be an excellent addition to your space.

    Design Tips for a Black Wicker Patio Layout

    Whether you're a fan of modern, rustic, bohemian or retro patio design, you can use gorgeous black wicker outdoor furniture to take your layout to the next level. Want to outfit your deck, terrace or enclosed porch with matte black furnishings for a sleek and chic look? The following decorating tips can help you get started.

    Consider Your Color Scheme

    Before adding black wicker furnishings to your outdoor setup, you need to think about how they'll work with the other colors in your patio layout. Placing these pieces next to white patio decor creates a chic black and white palette with timeless contrast and upscale appeal. On the other hand, mixing and matching black wicker with teal, yellow or light wood decor promotes a charming, casual vibe.

    4 piece wicker seating set with yellow decor

    Black wicker furniture can complement almost any shade, so feel free to get creative with your color pairings.

    Select Your Black Wicker Patio Furniture

    Next, buy patio furniture with wicker materials and black finishes to suit the needs of your space. Shop black wicker sofas and sectionals to create a cozy seating area on your back deck. Then, accent it with a pair of coordinating wicker club chairs or luxurious lounge seats in dark sable shades. Or, bring home a complete 4 pc or 6 pc black wicker seating arrangement to furnish the entire layout at once.

    If you're working with a small outdoor space like a tiny porch, apartment patio or condo deck, consider setting up black rocker or glider chairs with wicker detailing so you can sit and watch the sunrise each morning. Or, add woven, midnight-black chaise lounges and Adirondack chairs to your backyard to establish a chic and comfy spot for kicking back and relaxing.

    charcoal wicker seating set

    Sleek black wicker sofa sets let you enjoy outdoor get-togethers in comfort and style.

    Like to invite guests over for backyard barbecues and brunches on the balcony? Furnish your outdoor eating area using black dining sets featuring wicker dining chairs and tables. If you're looking to save on patio floor space, try a smaller wicker bar or bistro set with a beautiful onyx finish.

    Accent your patio with practical black wicker dining pieces that make serving al fresco meals a breeze. Set up a spacious black wicker console table to hold condiments, napkins and toothpicks for your guests. You can also store cocktail mixers and garnishes on a wicker bar cart in a sleek obsidian shade. Or, choose a bar cart with a built-in cooler to keep soda cans and beer bottles on ice.

    black and wicker patio dining

    Set up a black wicker dining set and host formal dinners and cocktail parties on your breezeway.

    Black Wicker Decor Options

    Looking to incorporate a few of these furnishings into your current patio design? Place a jet-black woven wicker coffee table in the center of your teak or metal seating set to serve as an eye-catching focal point. Add a pair of coordinating black wicker end tables to the space to create a cohesive look.

    You might also consider topping your side tables with black lamps featuring woven rattan bases. Want to give the layout a functional and cozy boost? Place a plush black wicker ottoman in front of your outdoor side chairs to provide a comfy footrest for guests. Or, let a stunning, black fire pit with a black wicker base take center stage in the middle of your conversation set.

    Additional Pops of Color

    Now it's time to put the finishing touches on your layout using colorful accents that pair well with black furniture finishes. At this stage of the decorating process, you can refer back to the palette you chose earlier and accent your black, woven wicker patio furniture with bright, vibrant decor. Incorporate some of the following items into your black wicker setup to tie your beautiful layout together:

    • Throw Pillows: Showcase your stunning patio palette by adding colorful outdoor pillows to your black wicker couches, arm chairs and curved or U-shaped sectionals. Whether you choose vivid sky blue or rich purple pillows, the dark background can help these soft accents stand out.
    • Seat Cushions: Likewise, your sofa, bench and dining chair seat cushions can create stunning contrast against a black wicker backdrop. Choose red, orange or yellow Sunbrella cushions to warm up your layout. Or, tone things down by choosing sage green or deep navy options.
    • Patio Rugs: When selecting outdoor rugs to complement your black wicker patio pieces, you can choose a stylish black and white rug to coordinate with the other furnishings in your chic space. On the other hand, rugs with yellow and green pineapple prints, turquoise tones and stripe motifs or floral patterns against a coral background can make a grand statement on your deck.
    • Plants: Liven up your black wicker layout with a little lush greenery. Set up planters and garden boxes full of roses, violets, daffodils, bluebells or whatever colorful flowers you prefer. Place smaller potted plants on your black wicker tabletops and put larger ones on a shelf behind your black wicker seating set to create a chic vertical garden.
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