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    Selecting Accents for Your Rustic Patio Design

    Rustic style is the perfect stripped-down aesthetic for those looking to establish a relaxing yet robust patio layout. Even adding just a few rustic elements to your current outdoor setup can bring rugged simplicity and charming warmth to your deck or terrace. Looking for unique ways to incorporate rustic outdoor decor into your setup? Check out this post to find stylish rustic garden decor suggestions.



    This article offers practical design tips to help you:

  • Learn the basics of rustic design
  • Understand how rustic outdoor decor can enhance the casual, country or farmhouse vibe of your space
  • Discover rustic outdoor wall decor options
  • Find suggestions for rustic patio lighting
  • Choose the best rustic yard art and lawn ornaments for your home

  • Photo of a pair of brown wooden Adirondack chairs with a white side table

    Use rustic accents to bring a simple, outdoorsy vibe to your current design.

    Basics of Rustic Design

    Down-home decor styles like farmhouse, coastal, cottage, and Tuscan designs all feature rustic elements. While each of these chic yet simple looks has its own unique charm, you'll notice that all have at least one of the following traits that tie them back to their rough-hewn roots:

    • Raw Materials: Rustic outdoor decor and furniture features natural materials like wood, stone and metal. While you can find lightweight aluminum and breezy wicker pieces in this style, heavier teak and wrought iron fixtures give rustic setups a more robust, grounded look.
    • Simple Shapes and Textures: Most rustic accents tend to be rough around the edges. Weathered finishes and unique silhouettes are trademarks of this chic design, so you often see unfinished wood dining tables with live edges, oddly-shaped animal hide rugs and a decorative patina on copper and bronze fixtures in rustic spaces.
    • Handmade Accents: Gorgeous homemade items like knitted throw blankets, braided outdoor rugs and clay chimineas enhance the warm, inviting atmosphere on a rustic patio. People can also include heirlooms like hand-built wooden coffee tables and rocking chairs that they've inherited from their relatives.
    • Earthy Colors: Rich brown shades are prevalent on rustic patios, so people tend to select furniture with light and dark wood finishes. Accents might include lush green, sunny yellow, cool blue and warm orange or terracotta hues as well. You can also use neutral beiges and grays as a foundation to help these other colors pop.
    2 backless natural outdoor bar stools

    Natural finishes, raw materials and rough textures are common features of rustic patio layouts.

    Country, Rustic and Farmhouse Outdoor Decor

    Even if your current setup has a more modern, streamlined design, rustic accents can blend in beautifully with your patio layout. Many of these natural, organic pieces can stand out and provide stunning contrast against your other outdoor furniture. If you want to create a rugged, cozy vibe for taking it easy and enjoying the outdoors, consider adding some of these rustic items to your space.

    Outdoor Rustic Wall Decor

    Spruce up your patio design using rustic outdoor wall decor. Lean a wide-rung wooden ladder against the side of your home to create a unique deck-top shelving unit. Or, mount metal artwork depicting the sunrise on your privacy screen or wooden fence to add decorative flair to your backyard.

    Practical accents like copper patio thermometers and clocks with wooden faces are also excellent for rustic layouts. Meanwhile, a stained glass suncatcher, a wood-and-metal wind chime or a tapestry of a rolling country landscape can promote the charming down-home vibe you want for your outdoor hangout spot.

    string lights on fence

    Adding rustic decor to your backyard fence or patio walls is a stylish way to personalize the space.

    Rustic Light Fixtures

    While you can maximize natural light on your patio to enhance the outdoorsy vibe, you might also need light fixtures to illuminate the space. Rustic outdoor lanterns are the perfect decorative option for country and farmhouse deck layouts. Top your rustic end tables with these metal or wood-framed fixtures. Or, place larger lanterns on the ground beside your front door or rustic patio sofa.

    photos of a metal outdoor seating set with rustic lanterns as accents

    If you're short on tabletop space, consider hanging or wall-mounted lanterns instead.

    Lawn Decor for Rustic Backyards

    Some people expand their rustic design from the porch to the yard by installing a wishing well, stone fire pit, small windmill or birdhouse on their lawn. Looking for a simpler approach? Place a wooden bench, hammock or swing in your backyard. Set these seats up near a woodpile or accent them with rustic metal yard art like decorative animal figurines and tin buckets full of colorful flowers.

    Another rustic patio decorating idea involves repurposing old furniture into decorative planters. Transforming your childhood bicycle or toy wagon into a unique flower bed is the perfect project for those trying to live more sustainable, zero-waste lifestyles. You can also fit metal and terracotta flowerpots into the broken seats of wooden bar stools and rusted metal dining chairs.

    Catalina Natural Outdoor Chair

    Rustic lawn ornaments can give your backyard a laidback, lived-in look.

    Creating a cozy, welcoming, easy-going environment that you and your visitors will enjoy is the main goal when adding rustic decor to a deck or patio. Use the helpful tips in this post as inspiration to spark your creativity as you incorporate stylish farmhouse, country or rustic pieces into your layout.

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