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    For the ultimate in spacious, customizable comfort, consider a split king mattress for your primary bedroom. Split king mattresses feature the same size and proportions as a king-size mattress but consist of two twin XL mattresses placed side by side. These mattresses are a popular choice for couples with different sleep preferences, affording each sleeper plenty of space to stretch out.

    Adjustable Comfort

    Split king mattresses are the perfect fit for an adjustable bed frame, allowing you to fine-tune your sleep position without disturbing your partner's rest. Some split king mattresses also feature customizable firmness levels, making it easier than ever to enjoy a comfortable night's sleep.

    The unique dual-mattress layout of split king mattresses also lets you create custom bedding arrangements if you and your partner need different temperatures for a good night's sleep. Use a fitted silk sheet on one side to create a cool smooth sleep surface, and opt for the cozy warmth of a flannel bedding set on the other.

    Top Brands

    Browse our selection of split king mattresses from some of the best brands in the industry, including Beautyrest, Serta Perfect Sleeper and Therapedic. Featuring cutting-edge designs and materials, these manufacturers offer quality mattresses made with innovative sleep technology.

    Whether you prefer the support of traditional spring mattresses, cushiony soft memory foam or the perfect blend of a hybrid model, split kings offer comfort levels like extra firm, firm, plush and ultra-plush to suit every sleep style. Enjoy sound, comfortable rest without disruptive motion transfer and personalize your bedding with a split king mattress.

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