Furniture Guide: Dining Tables

Round Dining Table

Round dining tables are inherently less formal than traditional, rectangular ones. People sit closer together, there is no hierarchy or head of the table, and everyone can look each other in the eye. This is why people who enjoy casual entertaining prefer dining in-the-round. Kitchen tables are often rounded because of the need to fit a lot of people into a small space, and round kids tables are popular because, without sharp corners, they are safer for rambunctious little ones.

Use a round dining table from Rooms To Go to add a more inviting accent to your dining area. Our number of size, style, and material options ensure you'll find the specific round dining table to meet your needs and complete your dining room.

For example, a round dining table crafted of hardwoods with a rich wood grain finish makes a handsome statement in any interior. Or consider the elegance offered by a piece with a solid glass tabletop securely held to a metal frame with an attractive antiqued finish. From the traditional to the contemporary, round dining tables have stylish attributes and eye-catching details that make better use of your living space. From the color-rich to the understated, each round kitchen table makes a specific statement, and Rooms To Go wants to help you say exactly what you want. Our everyday low prices and advertised specials make finding the perfect round dinettes for your home just a simple mouse click away.

And by using the attractive financing now offered by Rooms To Go, you can immediately start to enjoy the lasting benefits of bringing these functional centerpieces home with you. Take full advantage of your good timing and the wide selection offered by Rooms To Go to help you find the round dining table that will help your interior design sparkle with style.

As more families look to turn off their screens and enjoy time together, the dinner hour is making a comeback. A round kitchen table is the perfect way to foster the cozy informality of family time. As an American classic, the round dinette set is ripe for a return. Take a look at our wide selection of round dining room tables and find the one that's just right for you and your family.

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