Poufs are a fun way to add texture and color to your living room or bedroom. A little more freeform and casual than a typical ottoman, a pouf is a great option for smaller spaces. Made from a variety of different fabrics, these decorative and practical pieces can be round, oval, or square.

Whether sturdy or plush, poufs have many uses in home decor. A structured design is ideal if you want to use your pouf as seating. Matching pieces at either end of the couch can also create an extra surface for books or remotes. Soft, pliable models are perfect for resting tired feet or bringing a pop of color to your space.

With such a wide range of textures and prints, poufs look chic in rooms with classic, boho or contemporary aesthetics. They can add a vibrant accent hue or break up the classic lines of a traditional furniture set. A faux fur or shimmer fabric pouf is a simple way to add some glam to a bedroom.

Colors include: