Furniture Guide: Chairs

Living Room Chair

What makes the perfect living room chair? At Rooms To Go, we leave that for you to decide. Since we carry a range of exciting and stylish options, making that decision will be easy. Choose your next living room chair to fit perfectly into your existing decor.

Pick out a living room chair based on comfort and take home a leather recliner. Or you can prioritize elegance with a traditional living room chair with a walnut finish and padded seat. No matter your preference, Rooms To Go has the perfect piece for you. Not only do our selections range in style, we carry living room chairs in every color imaginable. You can pick a piece that will make a statement in your existing decor or select an accent living room chair that brings the whole room together.

When furnishing a home, using accent living room chairs allows your personality to shine through. By contrasting colors and patterns with sofas and end tables, you can make the room pop. For plush comfort, choose an oversized living room chair. These chairs-and-a-half have become extremely popular for curling up with a book or taking a cat nap.

If you're looking to bring a sense of old-world sophistication to your living space, choose a formal living room chair. These come in luxurious fabrics and traditional silhouettes, perfectly complementing the vibe you're going for. Whether you want something elegant, funky, or just a comfy living room chair to fall into at the end of the day, Rooms To Go has plenty of choices for you.

Between advertised sales and our attractive financing offers, Rooms To Go living room chairs are more affordable than ever. Order one immediately and make your home feel cozy, chic, and totally put together.

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