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    Big Kid Room

    Your kids are growing up!

    It sure doesn’t take long, right? It’s inevitable and when the time comes to transition from their crib or toddler bed to the next big thing, it’s a pretty clear marker that it’s time for a room update.


    Feeling like a “big kid” is such an important stage for our little ones to enter into and moving on up to the big kid bed is often one of the first steps. Harnessing that independence can really help children start to take ownership of themselves and their stuff.

    Be assured that as they continue to grow, they’ll start collecting more and more things that take up space in their rooms. Adding new storage to the big kid set up can really help with that, and hey, maybe this new big kid room will actually be a big help to parents, too!


    Getting Creative

    Let’s talk about play, it doesn’t really matter how old they are, playtime is mandatory when you’re a kid. Setting up an area of the room dedicated as a place for them to sit down and use their imaginations is easy and can be really fun to do using cool room decor. With the right play area set up, your kids will definitely want to spend some solo time having their pretend tea party, crushing those monster trucks, or coloring and drawing.

    Check out these free coloring page downloads to help get those creative juices flowing!

    Bedroom Sets


    When you’re wanting help putting a room together, our curated bedroom sets are a great option. You can pick a set up that your child loves and have all the pieces coordinate together perfectly. Taking that off your plate leaves more time for the fun stuff. Having your child help choose wall art and accent pieces lets them decorate their room in a way that’s unique to your child. They’ll love having a say in what their bedroom looks like using their own personal style.

    Themed Bedrooms


    When it comes to beds, we have a great selection to choose from. Whether your child is a Disney Princess, a Disney and Pixar Cars fan, or a Star Wars Jedi in training, with these Disney pieces, exclusively available at Rooms To Go, those dreams can come to life.

    Loft and Bunk Beds

    Have limited space? Think upwards. A loft bed or bunk will create even more room for them to get creative. For older kids, a stylish bed that has a built-in desk can serve both their newfound sophistication and their need to get schoolwork done. Check out these loft beds, they leave plenty of room for making that dedicated play space, too. Just add a cozy rug and a smart dresser or shelving and, poof, that small space is no longer an issue!

    Bunks or daybeds are also great solutions for kids who have siblings or for times they want their favorite buddy to sleep over.

    Let’s get these kids set up for success: new bed, comfy play area, check! With all these options you’ll be on your way to helping your child feel happy and confident about growing up.

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