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    Shopping by Color

    Looking for a sectional living room set in just the right shade? At Rooms To Go, we offer sofas in an array of stylish hues to fit your vision. Let seating take center stage with a bold red couch, design a soothing den with a breezy blue sectional or make throw pillows pop against a neutral sofa in platinum, beige, black, brown, gray or white.

    Choosing Materials

    High-quality materials and expert craftsmanship are key to a great sectional set. Our assortment of chic and durable fabric couches connects you with the ideal seating for your lifestyle. From textiles that can be pet-friendly to breathable upholstery, our sectional collection has you covered, including options like:

    • Leather -- Sleek leather sectional living rooms combine durability with an upscale look. This strong yet supple material is easy to clean, making it a wise choice for family rooms and other common spaces.
    • Linen -- Made from natural fibers, linen promotes airflow for cool, relaxing seating. These textured couches also add visual interest to a living room ensemble, pairing well with other woven decor like rugs and blankets.
    • Suede -- Suede furniture has a well-earned reputation for supreme comfort. This soft, smooth material gives guests a luxurious lounging experience.
    • Microfiber -- Also called microsuede, Microfiber mimics the plush feel of velvet or suede at a lower price point. This fabric offers easy cleanup so it’s perfect for high-traffic areas like the living room.

    Comparing Sizes and Configurations

    Features such as floating chaises, square shapes and 3-sided designs make sectional living room sets complement many floor plans. Our range of classic and modular sofas lets you create a custom setup tailored to your space. Browse two, three and four-piece sets for small rooms, or enjoy spacious seating with five, six and seven-piece arrangements.

    A sectional set in the right shape and size brings out the best in your home layout. Maximize square footage by setting an L-shaped sofa in the corner. Use a wrap-around, U-shaped couch in your theater room to focus all attention on the big screen, or complete the whole living room in one step with collections that include coordinating tables, chairs and lamps.

    Picking a Style

    From elegant, curved options to casual cuddler sofas, sectional living room sets come in styles to match your decorating tastes. Whether you’re searching for cozy details like oversized cushions or smart amenities such as adjustable headrests, cupholders and power reclining, we have classic, contemporary and transitional sectionals sure to suit your home decor.

    Selecting a Brand

    Rooms To Go partners with trusted brands to deliver quality craftsmanship and fashionable designs at affordable prices. Shop our wide selection to find sectional living rooms from names such as Cindy Crawford and Eric Church. These curated furniture sets pair chic and comfy sofas with the perfect accent pieces to furnish a well-appointed living space.

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