Bedroom Ideas for Teen Boys

Cool Bedroom Designs for Teenage Boys

Room Ideas & Designs for Guys

The biggest challenge in designing a teen boy’s room is finding the right decor to suit his personality and interests. When decorating a teenager’s bedroom, ask for his input on furniture he likes, such as stylish beds, dressers and other items he needs for school or hobbies. Include decorative accents, as well, to ensure every element helps to create a comfortable retreat that feels all his own.

Choosing the Right Teen Boy Bedroom Furniture

To get started, ask your son what designs or styles he likes best. If he prefers neutral colors and clean lines, look at furniture and decor for a modern teenage guy’s room. Does he love camping and the outdoors? A rustic motif might have more appeal. Check out different teen boy bedroom furniture to find a suite that fits his sense of style.

Once you decide on the look, think about the kind of furniture your son will need. Sets typically include essentials like a bed frame, nightstand and dresser. Your teen boy’s room is also a place where he can study or play video games, so consider furniture for those needs, as well.

Beds for Teen Boys

It’s important to pick a bed and mattress that your son can use for years to come. While a twin bed may work for now, a full bed frame is more likely to fit your growing teenager until he moves out. Need bedroom ideas for teenage guys with small rooms? A twin XL bed in a box is another great option, plus he can use it in most college dorms with twin XL frames.

Storage Ideas

Between classes, sports and hanging out with friends, teenage guys can accumulate clothes and clutter quickly. Who has time to search for lost homework, keys or uniforms when they’re trying to get to practice on time? Organization is the key to keeping your busy son on track, and the right furniture can set him up for success.

Plan on adding several storage options to your teen boy’s room design so that he can stay organized with ease. Laundry hampers, bookcases, shelves and wall hooks go a long way toward keeping the mess at bay. Spruce things up in style with some of these essential pieces:

  • Storage Bed Frame: Perfect for small bedrooms with limited space for extra furniture, storage beds have drawers and shelves built into the frame so your teen can keep clothes, shoes and extra bedding in one place.
  • Dresser and Chests: Whether you purchase them as part of a set or separately, chests and dressers for teen boys are a classic way to organize clothes. Choose from various finishes and styles to suit your teen’s current decor.
  • Nightstands: Most teens sleep with their phones nearby, so a nightstand with a built-in USB port is a smart choice that makes it easy for them to keep their devices charging through the night. Plus, drawers and shelves provide space to store essentials and display keepsakes.

Teenage Desk Ideas and Seating for School and Gaming

A desk can serve as a spot to work on school assignments as well as a dedicated space for creative writing, drawing and gaming. Consider a model with an attached hutch for added storage to keep extra paper, pens and books. If your tween or teen prefers gaming on a PC, an L-shaped computer desk has room for a tower and extra monitors.

Along with a good desk, he’ll need a comfortable spot to sit. Look for comfy office chairs with ergonomic seats and backs, as well as adjustable height options to accommodate him as he grows taller. Alternatively, gaming chairs have features like built-in speakers and USB ports for an immersive experience.

If your kid likes to have friends over for movie or game nights and needs more seating in his room, these cool boys bedroom ideas may help you take your son’s room from a hideaway to a hangout:

  • Sofas and Futons: If he has some space to work with, a small loveseat provides plenty of room for your son and his friends to game or binge-watch their favorite shows. Alternatively, you may want to consider a space-saving bunk bed with a futon on the bottom.
  • Bean Bag Chairs: Simple to rearrange, bean bag chairs fit easily in bedrooms and come in a variety of colors and prints to suit your teen’s tastes.
  • Ottomans: Ottomans are a fun alternative to traditional seating options. Storage ottomans with lift-top compartments are handy for tidying up and holding video game accessories.
  • Table Sets for Gaming: Have a tween or teen who loves tabletop games? A small table and chair set is another great addition that he may even be able to use when he moves out on his own.
  • Console Tables: A console table is a smart way for your teen to organize his collection of movies, games and media. Similarly, a TV stand provides a spot for electronics and display space for photos and trophies.