Seasonal Decorating with Winter Colors

Cool Winter Color Palette Decorating Ideas

Promoting a warm and inviting atmosphere is an important part of preparing your home for the holidays. Stylish winter decor allows you to create a cozy, festive set-up for calm nights by the fire and fun family get-togethers. By picking the right color palette and winter home decor for the living room, dining area, bedroom and other rooms, you can spruce up the entire house for the season.

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Rooms with cool color palettes like white and blue provide lots of flexibility when decorating for winter.
Rooms with cool color palettes like white and blue provide lots of flexibility when decorating for winter.

Classic Seasonal Color Schemes for Winter

Different variations of winter color schemes can suit nearly any style. Most traditional palettes include neutral grays and browns, as well as cool hues like sky blue and deep plum. However, some layouts may also include warmer red and gold accents to balance the design. Consider each room’s purpose in your home and what colors and decorative accents might serve your theme best.

Winter Color Palettes for the Living Room

During this time of year, the living room often becomes the central hub for activities in the home with loved ones gathering for friendly visits and holiday parties. As such, you’ll want comfy and colorful decor that promotes a cozy and cheerful mood. Try out some of these winter living room ideas to create a stylish set-up for your fun family functions.

Ice and Snow

White, gray and blue living room decor can transform your family room into a winter wonderland. Deep navy loveseats and ottomans complement a cozy winter look, as do charcoal gray accent tables. Layering snowy white throw blankets and decorative ice blue pillows on a soft gray sofa creates a refreshing contrast.

Other furnishings you can use to create this color palette include:

Cozy Cottage

Snuggle up with a good book by the fire or enjoy a hot cup of cocoa surrounded by cozy cottage decor. White sectionals, tan arm chairs and beige reclining sofas have a soft, charming appearance, while accents like golden table lamps and mirrors reflect light to brighten up your wintery space.

For a living room in cottage-inspired hues, consider adding:

Bright and Cheery

Cast away those winter blues and keep things cheerful all season long with pops of fuchsia, emerald and lavender. Vivid hues are great for ringing in the New Year and are easy to reuse when decorating for spring. Outfit your living room with bold, colorful pillows, throws, table lamps, poufs and other cheerful winter decorations.

Small bursts of vibrant color add a seasonal touch to neutral furnishings that are easy to swap out as the seasons change.
Small bursts of vibrant color add a seasonal touch to neutral furnishings that are easy to swap out as the seasons change.

Peppermint Candy

Green and white or red and white are playful color pairings in winter living room decor. Coordinate white pillows with a green couch to mimic the look of holiday wreaths and snow-covered pine trees. Or, use red table lamps or rugs with an all-white living room set for a colorful look that lasts through Valentine’s Day.

Other winter living room ideas for creating a green and white or red and white palette include:

Winter Decor and Colors for the Dining Room

From hosting the holiday potluck to toasting the New Year, your dining room becomes a busy place during the winter season. Creating a stylish formal design to enjoy meals with your friends and family makes your layout feel cozy and comfortable rather than chaotic. Include the following winter colors and decor in your dining room design to produce a polished, elegant vibe for your space.

Silver and Gold

A metallic color palette looks luxurious in any dining room. Usher in a glamorous new year with accent chairs and drapes in golden yellow tones or rugs in silver-gray shades. Serve holiday drinks on a chrome bar cart, or use a beautiful brass chandelier above your glass top table to illuminate stunning china patterns and sparkling flatware.

Frosted White

White lends a frosted aesthetic to your winter dining room, giving it whimsical appeal. A white dining table topped with a cozy ivory runner and frosted pinecones or evergreen needles creates a beautiful centerpiece. Add a white dining bench and upholstered chairs to offer guests comfortable seating for holiday meals.

Woodsy Browns

From rustic motifs to comfy farmhouse decor, wood furniture and warm brown accents make lovely additions to your winter dining room design. Dress a light wood table with a burlap runner centered atop a taupe area rug. Large wooden wall mirrors, chandeliers in deep walnut hues or rustic wall art can also give the space a comfortable, homespun vibe.

Want to spruce up your dining room in earth tones? Try these designs to get your space holiday-ready:

Winter Bedroom Ideas

Whether you’re accommodating relatives from out of town or adding a little holiday cheer to your kids’ rooms, picking the right winter bedroom color schemes and decor is essential for a calm, cozy atmosphere. Below are a few winter bedroom ideas to keep overnight guests comfy this season.

Shades of Green

From bright, refreshing shades to deep, calming tones, green adds life and depth to any space. For a comfy hearth-and-home approach, consider a cushy accent bench with green upholstery and wooden legs for the guest room. A sage green comforter set is a cozy touch for snuggling in on cold winter nights, while neutral beige accents create warm, natural highlights.

Sleepy Grays and Blues

Perfect for those long winter nights and sleeping in, dark grays and cool blues heighten your winter color palette. A charcoal gray headboard invites you to stay in bed, while a navy blue comforter set keeps you warm and cozy while you’re there. Decorate the walls with black and white winter wall art landscapes for an authentic vibe.

Other furnishings for blue and gray bedrooms include:

Cozy Neutrals

When sweater weather comes your way, neutral beiges and grays are a fantastic way to decorate your bedroom. Style your bed with the coziest of white bedding, and top off your design with quilts, throws and knit blankets in shades of gray and light brown. A beige area rug and fabric wall tapestries make your space appear even warmer.

Other Winter Decor Ideas

We’ve covered the main areas of your home where friends and family gather, but there are some other winter color palette suggestions to put the finishing touches on your decor. From holiday hues to some non-traditional color choices, there are plenty of ways to shake up your holiday style. You may even want to consider playing with patterns and textures to liven up your look.

Get Resourceful with Classic Red Colors

As the seasons change, the red decor from your fall palette can lend a nostalgic feel to your winter layout. Deck the halls with cardinal red mirrors and red wall decor to warm up your palette with a vibrant burst of color. Place a merlot accent cabinet in your foyer or put a twist on this classic holiday hue with vases and side chairs in elegant shades of burgundy.

Beyond Classic Red and Green

When pairing red and green in a traditional holiday color scheme, you have more options than you might think. Instead of picking a high-contrast forest green and cherry red, customize your look by playing with different shades. Light sage and turquoise tones give personal flair to a basic palette, while deeper reds and pale pinks put a unique and sophisticated twist on holiday decorating.


Ebony and jet-black decor evoke the calm of dark, quiet winter nights. Use a black velvet ottoman or rug in your living room to create the feel of a winter retreat.

Orange and Purple

Orange and purple accessories left over from your autumn look can suit a winter vibe when paired with gold, silver or white accents.

Hot Pink and Teal

Hot pink and teal make a striking statement in your winter home decor. Pair coral and turquoise furniture with textured accents like metallic end tables or white faux fur seats and fabric wall hangings for an eclectic winter motif.

Winter Patterns and Textures

Snowflakes and pine trees often dominate winter patterns and inform the season’s color schemes. Familiar prints from your favorite cold-weather clothing are also seasonal staples. Flannel, fluffy fleece, quilt-style patchwork patterns and cable knit fabrics are popular for everything from bedspreads to ottomans.

Thick faux fur and soft velvet textures help keep your home feeling warm and cozy in the cooler winter months.
Thick faux fur and soft velvet textures help keep your home feeling warm and cozy in the cooler winter months.

When it’s chilly outside, stay toasty warm inside with cozy winter textures. Plush pillows and knitted throws are perfectly appropriate seasonal decor. Draping a cable knit blanket over an oversized leather arm chair adds visual appeal as well as something to snuggle under while sipping cocoa and watching holiday specials.