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12 Ideas for a Modern Living Room

Many people hear "modern" and think cold, stark, and rigid. In truth, this design style is brimming with possibilities. There are tons of opportunities to use different colors, shapes, materials, and fabrics. If you're planning on updating a living room, it's important to consider how, when, and why you use the space, too. Check out the following living room decor ideas to get you started.

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### Get Inspired by Color __1. Go Monochromatic__

One of the simplest ways to give your living room a modern feel is to run with a single hue. Crisp ivory or exquisite ebony is a great place to start a living room design. More adventurous spirits may prefer shades of cool blue or fiery orange. From there, find modern furniture in tints and tones of the same color. Mix up patterns and textures while maintaining the motif for a well-edited look.

2. The Bolder the Better

Although black and white decor is a modern living room staple, this style can also feature a vivid and varied palette. Turn your home into a complex tapestry of pigments by weaving in vibrant accent colors. Keep the drama contained to some pillows, or proudly display a bright red sofa. To mimic the striking contrast as black and white, try other high-impact pairings like orange and blue.

3. Mingling Materials

While classic spaces typically stick to one type of wood or metal, modern living room design offers more freedom. Warm things up and create some visual interest by combining contrasting finishes, such as a cool ash floor and a deep walnut entertainment center. Mix shiny, burnished brass with blackened, matte steel accents or bring together silver and gold for a hint of glam.

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Fun with Furniture

4. Classy and Comfy

Structural backs and straight arms are defining features of modern furniture, but there is still plenty of room for comfort, too. A linen-upholstered sofa with clean lines and soft cushions offers the best of both worlds. Stylish armchairs covered in supple leather are another easy way to incorporate cozy sophistication.

5. Make a Statement

Create a focal point by adding a bold, unexpected element to your modern living room. Complement contemporary furniture by mounting a large sculpture over the couch. Asymmetrical placement of a bold, geometric coffee table or bookshelf can also produce an eye-catching look that's undeniably modern.

6. Mix and Match

Think outside the box by combining natural and state-of-the-art items. An eclectic, textured mixture of stone, cotton, glass, and steel keeps your eye moving around the room. Highlight the convergence of different materials by positioning mirror-finished end tables alongside a maple television console.

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Style Fusion

A specific image of linear, minimal furniture may come to mind when you picture a modern living room, but many hybrid styles can also fit under this umbrella. Take a few cues from these common partners for modern design to create a dynamic duo of your own.

7. Mid-Century

Amp up the vintage flair and flashback to the 1950s with a mid-century twist on modern style. Integrate geometric shapes into living room designs with a circular coffee table. Carry the theme throughout by hanging panel mirrors and pop art wall decor. Spread out a shag or patterned rug to complete the look.

8. Bohemian Rhapsody

A few boho-chic elements can warm up modern furniture and add a personal touch. Try swapping out a sleek, trim footstool for a pouf ottoman. Bring your bohemian influences home with a couple of vibrant, patterned throw pillows and a set of funky floral curtains.

9. Glamour and Opulence

Add some decadence to modern furniture by shifting toward softer edges and lush fabrics. Velvety textiles in deep shades of purple and navy instantly imbue otherwise minimalist rooms with a sense of elegance. Incorporate a chaise with smooth curves and tufting to balance out the aesthetic.

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Function and Form

10. Party Central

Whether you're hosting the shindig of the year or having a low-key gathering of friends, people always seem to congregate in the living room. A big sectional sofa provides plenty of space to sit and chat. Position a few end tables within arm's reach for guests to sit down their drinks. Glass tops and metal frames maintain a streamlined, modern aesthetic.

11. Family Friendly

If you have children, you know they factor into every decision, especially home decor. Take the stress out of the inevitable spills and messes with easy-to-clean leather upholstery. Spread out a patterned or plush area rug so the kids have a safe place to play. To keep things tidy, use a hidden-storage ottoman as a place to stash toys at the end of the day.

12. Homebody Heaven

For those who would rather stay in than go out on the town, a comfy modern living room is perfect. Bring the movie theater home while maintaining the sleek style of your space with a floating TV console. Mount the television over a fireplace for a laidback centerpiece, and toss tons of throw pillows onto the contemporary reclining sofa to lounge in luxury.

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Final Thoughts

The list of living room ideas is endless since it's all about finding what works for you. Begin by applying the basic principles of modern design: clean, unfussy, and open. Then, let the creativity flow. Pick from the vast pool of colors and styles to develop your modern living room.