Decorating for Spring

Beige & Blue Living Room Set Accentuated with Neutral Tones

Beige & Blue Living Room Set Accentuated with Neutral Tones

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is a time of rebirth, which is all the inspiration you need to revitalize your decor. Whether the seasons are truly changing or you're only wishing for spring, breathing new life into your home can be as easy as changing up some accent pieces.

Read on for a few tips about decorating with spring color schemes, prints, and textures.

Green 5 Piece Living Room Set Highlighted with Gray & White

Green 5 Piece Living Room Set Highlighted with Gray & White

What Are the Best Spring Colors?

Creating a spring color palette is fairly simple. Hues from nature, like lavender or sunny yellow, provide the perfect place to start. Several tried and true color schemes look great in any decor. Bring a bright, seasonal feel indoors with combos such as:

Mint and White

  • It's hard to go wrong with this light and airy spring palette, and playing with the balance of colors makes the combination your own. Try white with mint accents for classic elegance or lean heavily on mint for something fresh and modern.

Sherbet Colored Living Room Decorated with Bursts of Light Spring Colors

Sherbet Colored Living Room Decorated with Bursts of Light Spring Colors


  • As you might expect from a color trifecta inspired by a cold treat, sherbet palettes evoke both spring and summer. Pastel berries and oranges complement the neutral white of this color scheme.

Green, White, and Gold

  • Perhaps the most iconic spring palette, green and white automatically evokes freshly tree blossoms, bright new leaves, and flowering gardens taking shape. Adding gold lends your look a more luxurious, weightier feel that transitions nicely into summer and then fall.

Pink, Salmon, and White Floral Print Artwork

Pink, Salmon, and White Floral Print Artwork

Pink and White

  • Any shade of pink, from salmon to bubblegum, helps bring the energy of springtime into your home. Much like the combination of white and mint, this palette lets you strike different aesthetic chords when you change the amount of each color in your design.

Green and Pink

  • While these spring colors may require white or beige accents to soften their impact, it's easy to appreciate the striking aesthetic of this combo.

Picking Spring Patterns

Finding the right spring color palette is half the job when it comes to decorating for the season, but there are still other factors to consider. Certain patterns complement the season's fresh and breezy colors with ease.

Khaki 5 Piece Living Room Set with Pastel Seafoam Accents

Khaki 5 Piece Living Room Set with Pastel Seafoam Accents


Tried-and-true floral prints are the cornerstone of springtime decor. Nature-inspired wall art can go a long way towards livening up your foyer, and flower-patterned throw pillows look great on living room sofas. If you're especially ambitious, you can add floral wallpaper to your interior design.

Florals tend to draw the eye because of their organic detail, so accenting this spring print with solid colors and simple geometric trellis patterns creates balance. Want to create a garden indoors with multiple pieces of flowery decor? Try varying the size of the print. For example, select wall art with a large, splashy floral and a blanket with a tiny, delicate one.


Since many popular spring colors come in pairs, stripes are a natural choice. This subtle pattern also pairs well with florals and other intricate prints. From elegant French ticking to fun candy stripes, this look is ready for a garden party.

Different types of stripes may work better in certain parts of your design. Thin pinstripes can be charming as furniture upholstery, but a couch or chair with wide, bold lines may overwhelm a small space. On the other hand, narrow stripes on the walls can seem a little busy. Larger, thicker bands of color are easier on the eyes.

3 Piece Gray Living Room Set Featuring Floral Print Seating

3 Piece Gray Living Room Set Featuring Floral Print Seating

All About Spring Textures

Texture is another important consideration. The two major materials that evoke spring are woven fabrics and light linens.


Incorporate the season into your decor with a woven couch and cloth accents such as baskets, blankets, and tapestries. Thin, airy fabrics are light enough for spring weather while still providing a little comfort and warmth on rainy days. The all-natural vibe of cotton is a perfect choice for spring colors and prints.


In particular, linen is a staple of spring decoration. This breathable, textured fabric creates contrast against smooth surfaces. Choose organic linen bed sheets for a relaxed and casually chic look or drape a neutral-colored linen throw over your living room sofa.

Blue, Beige, and Ivory Inspirations for Open Living Rooms

Ivory & Green Living Room Designs Highlighted with Natural Tones



In addition to using spring color schemes, prints, and textures, accessorizing can take your design from straightforward to seasonal. Just like floral patterns get you in the mood for spring, flowers and greenery bring the outdoors inside. Add a small bud vase with a single garden flower to your end table, or place a stylish arrangement of silk florals on your entryway table.


Mirrors also go a long way towards brightening a space. These pieces make rooms appear bigger and reflect natural light, both of which help play up the illusion that you've brought spring inside.

Decorating for Spring

Whether you decorate with spring color palettes, cheerful patterns, breezy linens, or lively accessories, spring is as much a state of mind as it is a specific time of year or design scheme. Choose pieces that reflect the life, energy, and excitement of the season to you, and your decor is sure to be enchanting.