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    How to Block Wind On Your Patio

      gray 3 piece outdoor dining set   Have you ever been sitting outside on the patio when suddenly, a strong gust of wind whips through your backyard, knocking over your drink and sending your sunhat flying? Or, has a surprise rainstorm ever forced you to move an outdoor get-together inside at the last minute? If so, a patio windscreen could be the perfect addition to your open-air layout.


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    Patio windscreens add an extra layer of protection to outdoor spaces that lack a large fence or surrounding wall.


    What Is a Wind Blocker?

    An outdoor wind blocker is a screen that shields your patio from stiff breezes that could knock over lightweight furniture and decor. In some cases, these pieces provide shade, ensure privacy and keep your deck drier on rainy days so you can enjoy spending more time outside. Windscreens also come in various sizes, colors and designs to complement any setup or aesthetic. Gray 5 piece dining set next to white curtain wind blockers

    While some may prefer to build a permanent wind blocker, you can also set up curtains or collapsable screens so you can take in the view when the wind dies down.


    Patio Wind Breaker Ideas

    Whether you get them by building, buying or DIYing, you can use lots of items to keep your patio layout shielded on blustery days. With so many different windscreen types to choose from, it can be hard to know which style would work best for your outdoor design. Thankfully, the following suggestions can help you pick the right patio wind protection options for your unique space.

    How Do You Windproof a Porch?

    For many homes, extended roofs and rafters shield the front porch from windy, rainy weather. If you need extra coverage, add outdoor rattan or wicker curtains to each side of your breezeway. Looking for a lighter option? Breathable mesh and canvas screens block some wind while letting natural light stream in through the thin material, making them an excellent option for your veranda. Wood platform sectional sofa with beige cushions next to a wall

    Homeowners can install glass panels around their porches for a permanent windy patio solution.

    Patio Wind Block Ideas

    Buying a wind blocker from an outdoor furniture store ensures that you get a well-fitting screen for your small or large patio layout. Shop for screens with the vinyl, cloth or other outdoor fabric materials to suit the rest of your design. Depending on where you shop, you may also be able to find a retractable awning for your automated outdoor setup.

    Windbreakers for Decking

    You could also use a store-bought screen to shield your back deck from the wind and rain, but a fabric windbreaker might look out of place if your layout features teak, oak or other hardwood materials. Consider setting up large wooden shutters or a thin lattice screen to keep the wooden patio motif going.

    Lattice or louvered screens have holes and slats that let air pass through to lessen the impact of stiff breezes.

    Balcony Windbreakers

    Because of their elevated height, shielding balconies from rain and wind can be challenging. Outdoor patio wind barrier ideas like curtains and overhead awnings are the perfect space-saving furnishings for these small spaces. Homes with larger rooftop balcony layouts might also have room for other barriers like patio umbrellas.

    How to Block Wind in Your Backyard

    The size of your backyard plays a vital role in what style of windscreen would work best for you. If your yard is several acres wide, a tall wooden fence or stone wall can block the wind while keeping the space open and accessible. A low-profile fence or a collection of temporary fence panels might be a better fit for a small lawn. 5 piece seating set next to a concrete wind blocking wall

    Some store-bought wind blockers measure about 50 feet long, making them excellent for expansive backyards.


    DIY Windy Deck Solutions

    Looking for a craftier, more creative deck wind block idea for your home? Try coming up with your own unique patio windscreen solution! See what tools and items you have in storage and draw up a quick blueprint for how you want to tackle this project. Once you've got a plan in place, roll up your sleeves and get one of these projects underway:
    • Bedsheet Windscreens: Using a few thumbtacks to pin up an old bedsheet is a quick and easy way to shield your porch or small patio from light winds. Hang up a sheet with blue and yellow tones to balance your patio's bright and soothing shades. You can also use a patterned sheet or woven blanket to enhance the chic boho vibe of your breezy deck or backyard.
    • Driftwood Plank Windbreakers: Installing a fence around your yard can be an expensive and time-consuming task. Binding pieces of decorative driftwood panels together and securing them around your patio is a smart alternative to building a protective wall. Weathered wood also makes a chic complement to your rustic or coastal outdoor aesthetic.
    • Tall Trees and Living Plant Walls: Protect your patio and showcase your green thumb by planting trees, bushes and flowering hedges along your front porch or property line. Or, mount planters and garden boxes full of fresh blooms on a wall around your deck to block the breeze while adding lush, refreshing color to the space.
    • Double-Door Deck Screen: During your next shopping trip, browse some recycled or second-hand furniture and see if you can find a collection of lightweight interior French doors. Connect these pieces to form a multi-paneled folding screen and attach it to your deck entrance. When the wind picks up, simply unfold the doors to close off your patio.
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    Bushes, plant walls and vases of tall grass block strong breezes and bring a touch of natural beauty to your patio.

    While you may welcome a soft summer breeze during a sweltering day, you'll want to shield your setup from winds that make your backyard uncomfortable. Try some of these patio, porch and deck windbreak ideas to make the most of your outdoor space, even on slightly blustery days.
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