Pamper Your Pet

Your furry friends are always there when you need them. Most pets will gladly cuddle up on the couch with you while you watch TV. They'll also rush to be taste-testers as soon as they hear the refrigerator open. While their personalized escort service is nice, sometimes you might prefer to have some alone time.

For a convenient place to store toys, leashes, and other supplies, consider creating a space that your pet can call its own. Whether you have a suite to spare or a free corner by the window, these tips and tricks will help you design the perfect pet room.

tan upholstered pet bed

silver 3 tier wall shelf

Consider the Available Space

Before compiling a list of pet room ideas, it's important to picture the area you'll use. Spare bedrooms offer enough space for your pooch to comfortably run around, rest and relax. Likewise, laundry rooms and entryways provide quick access to the outdoors when it's time to go for a walk.

On the other hand, cats usually prefer warm, secluded spaces near windows to stretch out for an afternoon nap or watch the local wildlife. Try designating a corner of your studio apartment or finished basement as your feline's domain.

Pet-Proof the Area


Safety is of the utmost importance when deciding on a spot to host your furry friend. Use wall shelves and credenzas with doors to keep cleaning chemicals, grooming kits and treats out of reach of curious canines. Also, make sure to secure or hide any exposed wires or delicate keepsakes to avoid serious incidents.

Easy to Clean Fabrics are a Must

Another way to pet-proof the room is to choose reliable, easy-to-clean fabrics. Keep in mind that materials such as leather, velvet and synthetic upholsteries can withstand most stains, snags and dirt. Afraid of odors or mold building up in the room? Consider using an outdoor rug indoors. These pieces use mildew-resistant textiles and are often low-pile, helping to deter unsavory sights and smells.

Using Rugs Efficiently

Place a pet friendly rug, like this Prema Gray 5' x 7' piece, beneath bowls and beds to keep your floors clean. These durable carpets are soft to the touch and easy-to-wash in case of accidents. Additionally, shaggy mats add texture and visual appeal to the space, all while acting as a cozy naptime destination.

lessie green pet bed

tuxedo cat wall art

Fun and Functional Furniture

Choosing Comfort

Every pet deserves a comfortable spot to lay its head at night. When searching for options for large and small dog beds, browse waterproof models. The Lessie Green Pet Bed features a moisture-resistant, velvet upholstery perfect for snuggling into after a long day of play.

Functionality Matters, Too

Another thing to remember when decorating a pet room is that functionality is key. Find pieces that can serve other purposes such as storage or seating. For example, coat racks make ideal places to hang leashes and sweaters, while woven baskets provide a place to stow treasured toys.

Multi-functional pet furniture looks great and saves on space. Ottomans can double as bins for blankets and stylish beds for cats in studio apartments. Poufs near open windows make prime bird-watching spots for your curious kitty.

Deck It Out With Decor

Finally, put the finishing touches on their personal paradise with the right pet room decor. When deciding on accent pieces, consider the perks of different prints and shades. Blankets and carpets featuring bold patterns easily cover stains and claw marks. Additionally, dark-colored fabrics mask dirt while lighter hues hide stray hairs and tufts of fur.

Cute wall stickers and clever paintings, like this Tuxedo Cat Artwork, make the room burst with personality. For a more straight-forward approach to decorating their space, use a wooden sign featuring your pet's name above the bed or food bowls. You can also hang framed portraits against the walls or commission a local artist to capture a unique caricature of your furry friend in their natural habitat.

Harmonizing Your Design

When designing a pet room for your friendly feline or canine companion, think of the qualities you would look for in a bedroom or den. Whether that means having enough space for activities or a comfy spot to escape to after a long day, having a specific area for your pet can help you both live in harmony.

Remember to go for items that blend function with fashion. Find pet friendly fabrics that can endure playtime, accidents and stains. Incorporate furniture like storage bins and ottomans with multiple purposes to get the most out of your space. Most importantly, choose pieces that will keep your fur babies safe and comfortable.