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Contemporary Panel Bedroom Set Offers Ample Storage Solutions

Contemporary Panel Bedroom Set Offers Ample Storage Solutions

Start with the Basics

Mattress Matters

The first step to decorate your bedroom hideaway is a comfy bed. Always buy quality when it comes to any item that separates you from the ground, including mattresses. Choose a bed designed for maximum support and comfort. This varies for everybody, so take time to thoroughly test sleep surfaces from ultra plush to extra firm and memory foam to innerspring.

Luxurious Linens

One cost-effective method to create a tranquil bedroom refuge is a new set of bed linens. Look for sheets with natural fibers and a high thread count to wrap yourself in silky softness all night. Calming shades such as silver or blue are best for restful slumber.

Get creative with the duvet by selecting patterns and colors that reflect your personality. A crisp, white comforter is a tried and true option. Bold floral prints provide a hint of the outdoors. For a homey, lived-in style, a classic quilt is a lovely and unique choice. Choosing a set of both light summer and heavy winter bedding is a good idea to stay cozy in any weather.

Head in the Clouds

Is there such a thing as too many pillows? Invest in a couple of luxurious down or performance pillows for ultimate comfort. Spring for the added luxury of breathable materials, like shredded memory foam, which help you stay cool and wake up rested. Top it all off with five or six decorative cushions in lots of shapes and sizes for a colorful accent.

Ultra Comfortable Duvet Set

Ultra Comfortable Duvet Set

Furniture and Decor

Sleeping Beauties

The bed is the centerpiece, so be sure to select one that captures your personality. Keep it classy with an upholstered headboard for a soft spot to lean and read. Leather looks beautiful in contemporary spaces, while softer textiles, like linen, evoke casual sophistication.

For total opulence, an ornately carved four-post bed makes an extravagant focal point. Deep, rich finishes and heavy woods anchor the room and draw the eye. For an unexpected twist, go in the other direction and decorate your bedroom a simple, white platform bed to highlight the lavish linens.

First-Rate Furnishings

Beyond the bed, a bedroom layout requires a few crucial elements. A pair of nightstands is useful for holding a bedside lamp or the book of the month. Depending on storage needs, a dresser or chest can be helpful to store clothes and accessories.

Let your imagination run wild with the bedroom floor plan. Add an elegant vanity so you can feel fabulous while preparing for the day. Low on closet space? Hang clothing in a versatile armoire. A bench at the foot of the bed provides seating, plus a convenient spot to stash extra blankets.

Delightful Details

Bedroom layout ideas need to come from the heart. Seek out artwork featuring the colors, styles, and subjects you adore. Add images of sandy beaches and palm trees to dream of island vacations. Are you an animal lover? Incorporate pictures of woodland creatures or pets.

It's the little things that make life better, and small touches add up to big rewards. Warm up the morning by spreading a plush rug next to the bed. A vase of silk flowers is a low-maintenance way to brighten up the room. Add a pendant light or chandelier instead of a standard lamp to turn up the glamor.

Traditional Style Ornate 5 Piece Bedroom Set

Traditional Style Ornate 5 Piece Bedroom Set

Artwork Adds Style and Color to Your Walls

Artwork Adds Style and Color to Your Walls

Plan It Out

Ditch the Clutter

Creating a sanctuary is also about mental relaxation, so everything should have its place. Plan for a well-organized space that will let you de-stress with some stylish bins and baskets. Clear off tables and dressers, leaving only important items handy. Tuck away any wires or cords to stay streamlined and clutter-free.

Restructure the Layout

The most budget-friendly option to freshen up a bedroom floor plan is to rearrange. Play around with existing furniture to refresh the whole room. Try swapping the bed to the opposite wall, or positioning it at an angle. Go unconventional by placing a low-profile dresser at the end of the bed for a fun change to the traditional bedroom layout.

Work with What You've Got

Optimize the bedroom layout to get the most out of your space. Every area has its own set of design challenges, so emphasize the strengths while overcoming weaknesses. Whether it's a grand suite or a little nook, there's always a way to transform your room into an irresistible getaway.

Tiny but Fierce

Even the smallest bedroom can provide a cozy retreat. Find furniture that does double-duty, like a bed frame with a built-in bookshelf or drawers. Store items neatly so you can focus on the finer things. Alight and airy color scheme and a few mirrors create the illusion of openness.

Large and in Charge

Sometimes decorating a big room can be daunting. How do you fill it? Break up the bedroom floor plan by adding a reading corner with an armchair and a floor lamp. For a really spacious area, a full seating arrangement is an ideal spot to unwind before turning in. A set of drapes will turn up the drama on your bed and keep the sleeping space dark for lazy mornings.

Supple Top Grain Leather Armchair

Supple Top Grain Leather Armchair

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these bedroom layout ideas inspire you to create an escape in your own home. Choose pieces that bring you happiness, because life is too short to waste on the mediocre. The day begins and ends in the bedroom, so make it your favorite place to relax.