Decorating for Summer

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### Summer Decorating

Redecorating with the seasons makes homes feel fresh, inviting, and on-trend all year long. Although a complete seasonal redesign can be fun, it's easy to achieve a similar look with just a few additions to your decor. During warm months, picking accents with summer colors, patterns, and textures keeps your interior cool and fresh.

For interior design that transports you straight to a sunny field or a sandy beach, consider these summer decoration ideas.

Choosing Summer Colors

When using a summer color palette, decorating is all about incorporating the vibrant hues outside into your home. These versatile, seasonal colors can include everything from light and airy shades that evoke a clear, sunny sky to bold tones reminiscent of blooming exotic flowers.

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#### Blue and Beige

A staple of nautical and coastal decor, this pairing is calm and casual. Neutral beige works well with many accent colors, yet adds a little more character and warmth to summer decorations than stark white. Use pops of blue in shades from navy and Caribbean turquoise to sea glass and palest sky to complete this classic look.

Coral and Aqua

Sticking with the beach theme, coral and aqua are popular summer colors. Combining green-blue with pink-orange creates a naturally eye-catching contrast that infuses any room with energy. Toss some coral pillows onto your aqua bedspread for a youthful feel, or brighten up the patio with a rug featuring this fun color combination.

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#### Seafoam and White

Tranquil summer color palettes like seafoam and white are perfect for everything from bedrooms and patios to living rooms and kitchens. The combination of these bright, airy hues is refreshing yet subtle enough for relaxation. Easily integrate this pairing into your home by swapping out dish towels and place settings to draping a seafoam throw blanket over a white couch or bedspread.

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#### Purple and Yellow

The combo of purple and yellow brings to mind sun-soaked fields of flowers. To balance this bold, contrasting summer color palette, let one hue be dominant in your design while the other appears only in small doses. For example, place soft, buttery yellow pillows against a violet accent chair.

Summer Patterns

Whether indoors or out on the patio, summer patterns promote an upbeat atmosphere. Drawing from nature and the prints of your favorite summer outfits, most of these designs work throughout the house and can even blend well with each other.

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#### Florals

Summer is the season of blooms and flower patterns are a wonderful way to bring outdoor elements inside. These prints can be elegant and formal or rustic and laid-back depending on how you use them. Floral wall art, vases, and cushions are a natural choice for a living room or kitchen.


Patterns such as gingham, polka dots, and nautical stripes work with summer decorations as well. Combine any of these prints with vibrant floral fabric for a classic, fool-proof pairing. Geometric designs can also suit each other, so it's a breeze to mix an oversized stripe with a delicate check.

#### Tropical

Tropical patterns are peak summer decor. Take advantage of beachy accents, such as pillows with palm leaves or photos of seashells, to add a vacation motif to your space. For a whimsical touch, buy a few pieces featuring fresh fruits like lemons or watermelon.

Textures for Summer Decorating

Using the proper textures in home accessories can create an atmosphere that's undeniably summery. It's simple to incorporate these materials throughout the house in curtains, rugs, upholstery, and more.

Breezy Fabrics

Sheer curtains let just the right amount of sunlight inside and keep things feeling like summer with their billowy design. Echo this look across the living room or bedroom by swapping out heavy blankets and rugs in favor of lightweight textiles. Silk, linen, and cotton are popular summer fabrics that also help to keep you cool.

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#### Natural Materials

Summer decorations are all about bringing natural elements indoors. Accent with eco-friendly materials for a design that's at one with nature. Bamboo and hemp placemats, jute rugs, and driftwood wall decor contribute to a subtle and stylish resort vibe.

Woven Accents

Rattan sofas, chairs, and headboards are summer decorations that can fit into Bohemian decor year-round. For just a hint of tropical charm, search for woven trays, end tables, and baskets. These pieces can give you a similar feel minus the commitment to large pieces of furniture.

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### Walking on Sunshine

Summer colors, patterns, and textures bring the brightness, warmth, and vitality of the season into almost any setting. Whether you're decking out a beach bungalow or trying to make a bedroom into a serene getaway, our summer decoration ideas are sure to liven up your decor.