Redesigning the Perfect Tween Bedroom

Has your tween finally outgrown their teddy bear, dump truck, or princess-themed room? Transitioning a tween bedroom from childhood favorites to age-appropriate decor can be bittersweet for parents, but it's all part of helping kids grow up.

As the only room in the house that's theirs to decorate, tweens see their bedrooms as a place for self-expression. If you're planning a tween bedroom redesign, tailor the space to your kids by getting them involved in the process. This is a great chance to spend quality time doing something creative and even begin teaching concepts like budgeting, looking for quality in furnishings, and making choices.

To start decorating, check out these helpful tween room ideas and tips for collaborating with kids.

Ivy League Step Loft Bunk Bed Set with Built-in Storage and Desk

Ivy League Step Loft Bunk Bed Set with Built-in Storage and Desk

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Leather Upholstered Full Bedroom Set with Piece Sign Decor and Accents

Take Stock

Begin by walking around the room together and talking about their needs. While tween rooms often emphasize the details, a foundation of well-made furniture is vital to make their space comfy and useful. Keep to your budget for the update by checking the big-ticket items off your list first.


During their early tweens, kids frequently outgrow much of their furniture. A twin bed may have been enough during the childhood years, but growth spurts can make their old bed feel cramped. Tween beds can stand to be a little bigger to avoid upsizing as they grow. A full bed is a good size to last most growing kids through high school.


Tween rooms should, first and foremost, be comfortable. The kind of seating their room needs will depend on how your child will use the space.

Gamers may want a sleek gaming chair or some bean bags for friends. For tweens interested in makeup and hair styling, a vanity table and stool set could help to keep things neat. Musicians may prefer a practice area with a sofa or futon to seat the whole band. Talk to your child to get an idea of which tween room decor will meet their needs.

Study Space

Homework becomes a big part of everyday life for kids this age. As a result, a designated study area with a desk is a smart tween room decor idea. These pieces make an ideal workspace and easily transform into a place for hobbies like drawing and writing.

Talk to your child to gauge what kind of tween desk might suit them best. Do they need plenty of surface space for a computer? Consider an L-shaped desk with room to spread out study materials. Is storage their greatest need? Choose a model with drawers for books and supplies.

Bedroom Ottomans Can Add Splashes of Color to Existing Decor

Bedroom Ottomans Can Add Splashes of Color to Existing Decor

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Full Panel Bedroom with Matching Nighstand & Dresser Mirror Set


In this stage of your child's life, identity is important. When tween room decor reflects their tastes, kids feel their room really embodies who they are. Finding creative ways to do this is a lot of fun. Just remember that tweens' interests can change rapidly as they try on different styles. Choosing less costly items allows them to redecorate often while avoiding strain on your wallet.

If your tween is into music, consider hanging posters of their favorite bands or framing ticket stubs and photos of concerts they attend. If they play an instrument, chances are they'll like a music stand or storage rack. Mounted instrument stands can even double all wall decor.

Many tweens also begin to take sports and academics seriously. Your athlete will love a trophy rack to display their awards. Similarly, a corkboard on the wall gives your tween a way to show science fair ribbons, impressive report card grades, and test scores with pride. These little touches in tween room wall decor really personalize their space.

Set a Budget

Tween room decor varies widely in price, so what you end up picking will have a lot to do with how much you can spend. Starting with a budget and allotting specific amounts for furniture and accents is a good way to keep bedroom updates affordable.

Where to Begin

If you want your tween to practice responsibility with money, this is an ideal teaching moment. Start with the overall amount you can spend and earmark a piece to each item you need. Spend the most money on furniture that will last longer and less on tween room decor they may want to replace over time.


When you do have to veto something your tween picks, pull out the budget to explain why. If they want something more expensive in one category, show them the compromise that will need to happen elsewhere on your shopping list to compensate.

Tween Room Ideas for Decorating Together

Decorating with kids can be both fun and frustrating. Your approach may depend on the budget and personalities at play. Consider these ideas for designing collaboratively to find the approach that will fit you and your tween.

Brainstorming Tween Bedroom Ideas

Involving younger tweens in the design process may be most practical in the ideas stage. To take this approach, let your child browse in the store with you or search in magazines for tween bedroom ideas they like. Create an inspiration board together from the things they find, noting styles, colors, or themes and adding them into your design.

Making Guided Choices

Slightly older tweens may be ready to engage with you as you shop. To allow some freedom while still setting boundaries, pre-select a few pieces of tween bedroom decor for each major purchase based on their ideas. Let them pick the ones they like most to give both of you a voice in the final look.

Presenting Options

Soon-to-be teenagers can handle even greater responsibility. Establish that you can veto any choice as the head of your two-person decorating team, then give them their budget and turn them loose to find tween bedroom decor that meets all of the criteria. Have them present their favorite options to you for approval and potential purchase.

Using a bedroom redesign as an opportunity to work together with your tween gives you the chance to share some real-world planning, budgeting, and decision making skills that will help your child throughout their life. Plus, with the added buy-in they will feel from helping design their new space, your tween will feel more connected and empowered.

And you never know, maybe that pride will even translate into the desire to keep their tween room clean. A true win-win.

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NFL Decor Bedroom with Matching Bedding and Bean Bag Seating