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    Things You Must Do After Your Home Remodel

    What to Do After a Home Remodel

    Whether you’re looking to upgrade one room or renovate your entire home, remodeling projects can improve the look and functionality of your space. Remodeling gives you the chance to declutter and reorganize your home. Before moving furnishings back into the renovated space, decide which items serve a practical purpose and complement your new look. Keep those pieces and get rid of other furniture and accents that used to clutter up your layout.

    Safely Store Product Receipts

    Contractors often use materials and install appliances that are under warranty, so keep the product receipts to prove your purchase. Receipts on materials, appliances and contractor labor also help prove the age of your equipment and renovations. If you plan to sell your home, this evidence can give you an advantage during price negotiations and put potential buyers at ease.


    Painting is typically the final step in the remodeling process. Typically, you want to paint after the contractor performs any structural work or installations. If you install new carpeting or flooring, you might want to paint beforehand to avoid anything dripping onto the floor.

    Painting also gives you a chance to fine-tune the aesthetic of your newly renovated room. You can choose a color that matches your new appliances or furniture or that sets a certain tone or mood for the room. If you want to create a more open, spacious feel, light hues are best. Meanwhile, darker colors promote a cozier atmosphere.

    Replace Your Furniture

    If you’re going for a revamped area, consider replacing some of your old furniture with pieces that complement your newly remodeled space. Replacing sofa, tables, chairs, and other furnishings can update your room and provide the kind of aesthetic you want to achieve.

    Choose furniture that best suits your new palette. A new living room sofa or sectional in neutral gray, beige or black works with any wall, curtain, flooring or decor color. However, bright red, refreshing blue, or striking yellow furniture adds eye-catching appeal to a more muted layout. Whatever color seating you choose, be sure to measure your updated space so you can purchase furniture that fits.


    You can think of your renovation as a chance to start over and create exactly the kind of ambiance you want in your room. Decorating a freshly renovated home allows you to redefine the house’s style. If you have always wanted a modern or rustic or classic living room, this is the perfect time to make it happen.

    Decorations like wall art, house plants and shelving can help you create the atmosphere you’re going for. You can also use accent furniture to merge style with functionality. As long as you work with a well-defined theme and fit all of your decor within that aesthetic, your decoration will likely have the desired result.

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