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    How to Tie Your Outdoor Layout Together

    Whether you're decorating a patio, porch or deck, you can use outdoor accessories to personalize the space and put a stunning finishing touch on the layout. Wall decor, colorful plants, decorative sculptures and patterned rugs are excellent additions for those looking to take their patio designs to the next level. This guide offers tips for selecting and using these chic items in your own stylish setup.


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    blue patio set with outdoor decor extras

    Personalize your current patio layout using stylish outdoor accent pieces.

    Introducing Wall Decor Into Your Design

    While many people tend to hang wall art and decor inside their homes, these pieces can also add style and character to outdoor spaces. Patio wall decor comes in several different materials and designs to suit any chic setup, so it's easy to find fixtures that complement your overall look. Consider using some of the following items to decorate your outdoor walls:

    • Wall Art: Decorative outdoor wall hangings typically feature wood or metal materials crafted into eye-catching designs. Some depict bright floral images that help refresh your layout, while others showcase anchors, lighthouses and other maritime symbols to enhance your beachy or nautical theme. You can also find abstract and animal-shaped wall art to complement your decor.
    • Thermometers: Available in digital and analog models, patio thermometers let you keep track of the temperature on your balcony or deck. Select a standard round or square thermometer with buttons and dials. Or, choose a cool blue or warm red option to reflect the mood of your space. Some thermometers also have whimsical frog, bicycle or bumblebee designs.
    • Clocks: Time can fly by when you're enjoying the pool or playing in the backyard. Mounting a large outdoor clock above your deck-top sofa or on an outer pool house wall gives you a stylish and practical way to time your swims and tanning sessions. For even more functionality, look for two-in-one clock and thermometer models.
    • Suncatchers: Stained glass, crystal and beaded suncatchers reflect sunlight to brighten up sconces or wall lanterns. Whether your current setup has a modern, rustic or traditional look, you can find outdoor lighting to suit your chic setup. A selection of colorful finishes also makes it easy to find lights that coordinate with your simple gray dining set or striking red sectional.
    Manchester Hill Antique Bronze 4 Pc Outdoor Seating Set

    Use the soft glow of a hanging lantern to add chic style and inviting warmth to your seating or dining area.

    Adding Plants to Your Patio

    Another way to liven up your outdoor design is to include some lush greenery and colorful blooms. Gorgeous flower and vegetable gardens are the perfect vibrant accent for anyone looking to spruce up their backyard. If you lack the space for landscaping, you can use other versatile decor items to introduce plant life into your patio layout.

    Outdoor Planters

    Garden boxes and planters come in various shapes and sizes to suit almost any setup. Use small flower pots to add vivid pops of color to your tiny apartment patio. Or, line the edges of your roomy courtyard with steel and wrought iron planters full of tall grass, trees or vegetables with climbing vines.

    Hanging Plant Baskets

    Creating a vertical garden using dangling or wall-mounted planters is another smart way to save space while adding plants to your deck or porch. Small baskets are also easier to move indoors when it's time to winterize your patio. Hang these planters from the eaves of your covered terrace or build a structure on one side of your setup to establish a chic plant wall.

    White 3 piece dining set

    A little greenery can help punch up your neutral or muted patio palette.

    Using Statues and Outdoor Sculptures

    Sculptures and statues can serve as a subtle accent beside your front door or a bold centerpiece in your backyard. Usually, these pieces feature steel, bronze, resin or stone materials that add a sophisticated flair to your setup. Some models are replicas of classic sculptures that you might find in museums, while others have a cute and whimsical animal or garden gnome design.

    Patio sculptures come in various sizes to suit large and small outdoor spaces. Top the side tables in your seating arrangement with small outdoor figurines. Or, set a mid-sized decorative patio stool beside your bench or porch swing. Larger statues can sit next to your garden path or make a stunning focal point for your expansive backyard.

    Rolling Out Area Rugs

    A high-pile area rug can bring color, softness and style to your chic setup. Available in colors ranging from simple beige and striking white to bold coral and deep navy, patio rugs make an ideal complement to your chic palette. You can also find outdoor floor mats in modern, tropical and nautical styles to suit your overall aesthetic.

    Wood platform sectional sofa with beige cushions next to a wall

    Vibrant, colorful area rugs can enhance the theme of your entire patio layout.

    As you can see, a few small accents can have a big impact on your outdoor design. Whether you're decorating a small side porch or a wide garden patio, this post can help you select the perfect wall art, plants, sculptures and rugs to suit your tastes and give your layout a stylish, beautiful boost.

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