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    round patio sectional with ottoman

    Round Patio Design Ideas

    Designing the perfect patio is essential for those who enjoy lounging in the sun, dining under the stars or hosting backyard barbecues for friends and family. However, if your home has a round patio, choosing the right furniture and layout arrangements can be a challenge. To bring your round patio design ideas to life, you'll need a clear vision, careful planning and a little creativity.


    Use this informative post as a guide to:

  • Measuring a Round Patio
  • Choosing Outdoor Patio Furniture
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Other Round Patio Ideas
  • Tips for Arranging Furniture on a Round Patio

  • bronze curved sectional with matching chairs and table

    With the right furnishings, you can transform your round patio into a comfortable and chic spot for enjoying the great outdoors.

    Measuring Your Round Patio Space

    Before you start buying outdoor furniture for your round layout, you'll need to measure your patio to find its total square footage. Since circular patios work differently from square and rectangular spaces, there are a few extra steps to this process. Use the following steps to calculate the dimensions of a round deck or patio:

    1. Find the diameter by measuring the length of your patio from one side to the other.
    2. Divide the diameter by two to find the circle's radius.
    3. Multiply the radius by itself.
    4. Multiply that number by pi, or 3.14 to get the total dimensions of the layout.
    beige 4 piece seating set

    Maximize your space by adding compact furniture to your small, circular layout.

    Choosing Practical Round Patio Furniture

    Once you calculate the square footage of your round patio, you can start mapping out the area and designating specific purposes for each section. You'll need to think about how you want to use your outdoor hangout to determine what type of furniture you'll need. To avoid crowding your tiny round balcony or terrace, designate the space for one or two primary activities.

    Most people use their patios as a spot to enjoy alfresco meals or to kick back and soak up the sun with friends and family, so browsing patio seating and dining furniture may be a good place to start. As you shop, remember to select compact pieces that fit within your small, round layout.

    teak 5 piece round outdoor chat set

    Whether you're planning to enjoy weekly brunch or nightly chats on your round patio, you'll need comfy furniture to help you achieve your goal.

    Seating for Round Patios

    Comfort is key when it comes to finding the right outdoor seating set for your round patio. If you're looking to create an outdoor entertainment area for guests, wicker or aluminum chairs with plush cushions and throw pillows are an excellent choice. If you have a little extra room, you might be able to outfit the space with a small sofa or loveseat instead.

    Whether you live next to a tiny pond or have a lush garden and planters full of beautiful blooms, a pair of patio rockers, gliders or swivel chairs can help you enjoy the view from your round patio. You could also use lounge chairs to create a deck-top tanning spot or set up an outdoor recliner and a patio umbrella to establish a shady outdoor napping area.

    beige curved seating set

    Outfit your circular patio with round furniture for a cohesive look.

    Round Patio Ideas for Dining

    Many people think that round and oval dining sets are your only option when decorating a circular patio. However, a square outdoor dining arrangement can work too, as long as it's small enough to keep your outdoor walkways clear. Consider choosing a narrow bar or bistro set to create a spot for sipping cocktails and enjoying candlelight dinners under the stars.

    To save even more space on a tiny round patio, be sure to choose a small dining set with sleek armless chairs. A set of folding or stackable dining chairs make it easy to dismantle the dining area when you want to use your patio for something else. Using these small patio decorating ideas ensures that your circular layout has plenty of room for dining, grilling and other mealtime activities.

    gray 7 piece outdoor dining set

    Sleek, low-profile dining furniture helps your small patio appear more spacious and open.

    Other Round Patio Design Ideas

    While lounging and dining are the most popular outdoor leisure activities, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy your round patio. Consider some of the following ideas when deciding how to use and furnish a circular patio, deck or lanai.

    • Dedicated Grilling Space: If your home has a sliding glass door leading from the dining area to the outdoors, consider using your round patio as a designated barbecue station. This setup makes it easy to deliver food directly from the grill to the table. If guests prefer to picnic in the backyard, add a few serving carts and side tables to hold drinks, condiments and other essentials.
    • Stargazing and S'mores Station: Your circular outdoor space could be the perfect cozy spot for sitting outside on warm evenings. Use a round fire pit or tabletop fireplace as an inviting centerpiece for your curved sectional or patio conversation set. Then invite your friends and family to chat, have drinks and roast marshmallows under the starry sky.
    • An Outdoor Office: For those who work from home, a small, round patio can serve as a refreshing spot to take lunch, enjoy short breaks or even complete job assignments. Add an outdoor rug, extra lighting, a heater and any other comfort features you need to feel relaxed and focused while working outside in your outdoor office.
    5 piece fire pit seating set

    Fire pits help you transform your patio into an ultra-cozy gathering spot.

    Round Patio Furniture Arrangement Tips

    When setting up furniture on your round patio, it's important to place your seating, tables and decor in spots that keep the layout open and uncluttered. One way to achieve this is to divide the space into different zones for each outdoor activity and arrange the necessary furnishings within that section. Try to leave 12 to 14 inches of space between furniture items in each area.

    Using these imaginary lines makes it easier to arrange L-shaped sectionals, rectangular dining tables and other angular furniture on your round patio. However, you'll need to leave plenty of room around each zone to prevent guests from bumping into each other as they navigate the layout. Keep walkways clear by leaving two to three feet of space between each section.

    metal fire pit conversation set

    Use outdoor rugs and canopies to zone off and spotlight the various areas of your round patio.

    Because of its uncommon shape and limited dimensions, decorating a round patio can be a difficult task. Thankfully, this post is full of unique tips to help you furnish your unique layout. Give some of these round patio design ideas a try, and you'll be well on your way to enjoying the great outdoors in comfort and style.

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