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    Decorative Outdoor Accents

    Photo of brown outdoor seating set with tan cushions on a balcony

    Ever look around a freshly-furnished patio layout and feel as if something is missing? If so, you might want to consider adding a few outdoor accessories to the space. Along with giving your deck, balcony or terrace a chic, decorative flair, these items can give the area a lived-in look, promote a comfortable atmosphere and enhance the laidback or upbeat vibe of your design.


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    Belvie Beige 8' x 11' Indoor/Outdoor Rug with hanging plants

    Tie your patio design together using chic accessories.

    Why Include Outdoor Accessories?

    You might think that your patio is complete as long as you have an outdoor seating set, dining arrangement and other essentials in place. However, patio accessories can put the finishing touch on your space to tie the whole look together. Whatever type of decor you prefer, incorporating these accents into your layout is an excellent way to help your chic sense of style shine through.

    In some cases, patio accessories can also serve a practical purpose. Shady outdoor umbrellas, protective wind blockers and retractable awnings can shield you from the elements and help you enjoy your patio in almost any weather. Meanwhile, privacy screens and automated fixtures like fountains and movie projectors help create a more intimate and functional setting outside.

    How to Choose the Best Accessories for Your Patio

    Adding too many different accents to your outdoor setup can clutter the space, making it harder to relax and enjoy your leisure time. So how do you decide what items to include in your layout? Take the following factors into consideration to ensure you pick the best pieces:

    • Purpose: When considering accessories for your backyard, prioritize items that suit the overall purpose of the space. For example, if you plan on using your patio as a spot to work on your tan, storage bins to hold towels and suntan lotion would make better accents than sun-blocking canopies or umbrellas.
    • Design: Depending on the look you're going for, certain patio accessories might work better for your layout. A wooden barrel, potted cactus and animal hide doormat can enhance the rugged, charming vibe on your rustic-style patio. On the other hand, decorative bowls full of sand and seashells are perfect for a nautical or beach-themed deck design.
    • Color Scheme: Whether you're looking to complement your existing palette or introduce colorful contrast, choosing accessories in the right hues is essential to your overall design. Select fixtures that suit the colorful furniture finishes on your patio to establish a chic, cohesive look.
    Photo of a pair of brown wicker patio chaises with seafoam cushions

    Be sure to select accessories that suit your needs, style and color scheme.

    Top 7 Must-Have Patio Accessories

    Once you decide what items would look, feel and work best for your patio, it's time to pick your accessories! Need a few more suggestions on decorative outdoor accents? Use this list of the top seven outdoor accessories as inspiration for choosing the perfect fixtures and furnishings for you.

    1.) Colorful Patio Cushions

    Along with adding a touch of softness to your outdoor sofas, chaises and rocking chairs, throw pillows and cushions can introduce refreshing pops of color to your patio layout. Many of these pieces also feature beautiful geometric, stripe or floral-print patterns that bring chic, eye-catching appeal to your terrace or deck-top seating arrangement.

    Colorful Throw Pillows

    2.) Textured Outdoor Rugs

    High-pile patio rugs are another excellent accent for softening up your space. Whatever the size or shape of your hardwood deck, a stone terrace or brick breezeway, you can find a square or rectangular rug to cushion your feet as you move about your outdoor oasis. There are even round rugs that make a perfect fit for a circular deck or patio layout.

    Outdoor rugs also come in various colors and motifs to complement any look. Choose from simple beige or black and white mats that coordinate with multiple finishes. Or, roll out a turquoise, yellow or pink rug to bring bright, dynamic energy to the space. Looking to establish a nautical or tropical theme on your poolhouse porch? Browse rugs with anchor, pineapple and palm leaf patterns.

    Lake Tana Dark Brown Outdoor Dining Bench

    Patio Rugs

    3.) Stunning Wall Decor

    To give your open-air relaxation spot more of a lived-in look, consider hanging decorative wall art around the space. Dangle a few wind chimes and suncatchers from the eaves around your porch or mount a cocktail-themed wall sculpture above your patio bar set. Prefer practical accessories? Hang patio clocks, outdoor thermometers, and floating shelves along your backyard fence or garden wall.

    Photo of curved wicker outdoor sectional on a patio with wall hangings behind it

    Outdoor Wall Decor

    4.) Planters, Flowerpots and Pottery

    If you live in a smaller home or apartment with little room for landscaping, outdoor planters can help you work on your green thumb and liven up your patio. Place a few small flower boxes along your balcony for subtle hints of fresh color. Or, use large planters full of tall grass and tropical plants to frame your front door or spruce up your deck.

    Photo of brown patio dining set with plants on the table and in the background

    Planters and Garden Boxes

    5.) Dazzling Light Fixtures

    Depending on how you plan to use your patio, there are several types of outdoor light fixtures you can choose from. For example:

    • Hanging Lights: String lights, pendants and chandeliers add dramatic overhead light to enclosed patio spaces like porches and gazebos. Use these pieces to set the mood if you like to host fun outdoor parties after dark.
    • Lamps: Enjoy relaxing on your balcony with a good book? Place a lamp on your outdoor side table to illuminate the space while you read. If you prefer chatting with loved ones on your back deck, consider setting up a few shaded floor lamps to bathe your conversation set in a soft glow.
    • Lanterns: Whether you prefer electric, solar-powered or candle-lit lanterns, these lights lend a stylish, old-world charm to your outdoor design. Browse mounted, hanging and tabletop models to find a lantern that suits your preferences.
    • Mounted Lights: People often hang sconces on either side of their front door to illuminate their porches. However, these fixtures can provide additional lighting wherever you need it, including near your steps and over outbuildings like storage sheds.
    Photo of green and teal swirled outdoor solar lantern

    Patio Lights and Lanterns

    7.) Cozy Outdoor Heating Units

    Lastly, outdoor heaters and chimineas let you and your friends enjoy your patio on chilly nights. Other units like tabletop fireplaces and standalone fire pits can also set the mood for romantic nights under the stars. Meanwhile, a simple, rugged fire ring is the perfect accessory for those who love to toast marshmallows and enjoy backyard camping trips with the family.

    White and blue patio seating set with fire table

    Tabletop Fireplace

    Experimentation is the key to finding the perfect pieces for your design. Explore the possibilities, mix and match various accents and try different combinations to see what outdoor decor works with your space and existing furniture. With the right accessories, you'll be able to bring your backyard vision to life.

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