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    What Do You Need for a Backyard Party?

    Whether you're planning to host a casual family barbecue or a glamorous, rooftop gala at home, outdoor entertaining requires extensive planning and preparation. Along with creating guest lists, food menus and party games, you need to figure out the best way to set up your deck or backyard so there's plenty of room for everyone to enjoy themselves. Arranging your patio layout for a party involves measuring the space, designating dining, seating and activity areas and placing the appropriate furniture and decor in each zone. It's a big job, but luckily this article offers tips and examples to help you establish a comfortable and stylish design for your outdoor events.


    Wondering how to host an outdoor party in your backyard? Check out this post to learn about: photo of white patio dining table with food

    With the right furniture and decor, you can create the perfect outdoor setup for fun parties.

    How Do You Set Up for a Backyard Party?

    Start your outdoor party preparations by taking stock of your space. Finding room for all the necessary party stations might be easier if you're working with a massive courtyard or a several-acre-wide backyard. However, you'll need to get creative with your small patio decorating ideas if you plan to host your event on an apartment patio, enclosed porch, condo balcony or unique round deck. Once you measure your patio layout, you can divide the area into various outdoor party spaces. Create a quick sketch of your backyard and mark off zones for each activity you plan to offer to your guests. While you can make adjustments to most backyard party setups have spots for eating, lounging and chatting, as well as a place for games or arts and crafts.

    Selecting Furniture for Outdoor Entertaining

    Once you've chosen designated spots for your party stations, it's time to outfit each area with comfortable and stylish furniture. Below, you'll find recommendations for seating, dining and accent furnishings that will suit your needs for the duration of your party, as well as tips for arranging these pieces so that guests can easily maneuver between the different party zones.

    Seating for Patio Parties

    During your backyard party, people will need a spot to sit down, chat and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. A curved sectional, 5 pc seating arrangement or comfy, round conversation set can promote a friendly atmosphere and encourage everyone to hang out together. On the other hand, portable folding and stackable chairs might be better for guests who want to spread out and do their own thing. 5 pc outdoor round seating set with charcoal cushions

    Conversation sets are perfect for playing cards and sipping drinks during casual backyard parties.

    How Do You Set Up Food for an Outdoor Party?

    Whether you're hosting a formal dinner on the lanai or a fun deck-top barbecue, a spacious outdoor dinner table is a must for any party. A large 9 pc dining set can give guests plenty of elbow room during al fresco dinners. Meanwhile, a round table and chair set lets you bring the welcoming vibe of family-style meals to your backyard. A buffet-style setup might be a more efficient option if you're hosting an outdoor potluck or a party for the whole family. Unfold or insert your wide extension table leaf to make plenty of room for serving platters and dinnerware. Then, place the table near your dining or seating area so guests only have a few short steps between the food and their chairs. photo of a gray metal extension table and chairs

    Extension tables provide extra space for party guests to pull up a chair and enjoy a meal together.

    Practical Decor for Patio Parties

    Although many people prioritize streamers, balloons and other fun outdoor party decorations, it's important to add a few functional accents that help set the mood and maximize your guests' comfort. For example, you could use a string of fairy lights or LED lanterns to illuminate your backyard during a night party. Depending on your layout, table lamps might be a better outdoor lighting option. Fire pits and rings double as outdoor party lights and cozy heat sources. You could also choose a patio heater for a unique alternative to an open flame. In addition to these pieces, you might consider setting up patio umbrellas to provide shade for your seating and dining arrangements. Also, use wind screens to keep strong breezes from knocking over party decorations. 5 pc fire pit seating set with blue cushions

    Outdoor lights and fire pits let you keep the party going after dark.

    Decorating Tips for Themed Outdoor Parties

    Now that you understand some of the basics of creating a backyard party spot, you can apply them to your space to get ready for your next outdoor event. Looking for some specific examples of how to use these tips on your patio? Check out the following suggestions for setting up themed outdoor parties.
    • Garden Party for Grads: Celebrate your kid's graduation by inviting guests over for an outdoor get-together. Drape rectangular patio tables in linens featuring the colors and emblems of your child's alma mater. Hang a "Congratulations!" banner from the eaves of your enclosed patio and set up a few display tables to show off their photos, diplomas and degrees.
    • Backyard Birthday Bash: Your setup for an outdoor birthday party may differ depending on the guest of honor's age. Use a picnic table so your little one can enjoy food and cake with their friends and fill the yard with their favorite toys and games. For older kids and adults, try a glass dining table and swivel chairs to give the space a more upscale feel.
    • Outdoor Wedding Reception: Start decorating for a backyard reception by setting up a grand canopy or gazebo. Then, fill the tent with round dining tables for the guests and a line of rectangle tables for the wedding party. Be sure to include a spacious platform that serves as a dance floor, plus some console tables where guests can drop off their wedding gifts.
    • Movie Night Under the Stars: Planning an outdoor party for a group of movie buffs? Use your wind blocker as a projector screen and play all your guests' favorite films. Arrange individual club chairs or recliners in front of the screen to create the same lounge-worthy atmosphere as a movie theater. Use a tall bar table as a concession stand for drinks, snacks and candy.
    • Patio Pool Party: Invite friends over to swim and enjoy the summer sunshine. Use the porch or back deck as a food and drink station, then set up pool house decor like chaise lounges or adjustable Adirondack chairs so guests can work on their tan between laps. Also, place storage bins at one end of the pool to give swimmers access to inflatables and water toys.
    photo of a pair of teak chaise lounges with white sling seats and a table

    Put a small table between chaises to give parents a spot to set their drinks while they watch their kids swim.

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