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    How to Arrange a Home for Entertaining Guests

    Whether you're hosting a huge family potluck in a grand formal dining room or simply having a few friends over for cocktails on your apartment balcony, creating a chic and comfy layout for your guests is essential. By arranging stylish and functional decor in unique ways throughout your home, you can set the perfect mood for your fun, relaxing get-togethers and make your visitors feel welcome.



    How to Decorate a Living Room

    Living room interior design is an art. When decorating your den, the goal is to strike that perfect balance between form and functionality. While this process can be a challenge, developing a plan can yield amazing results. Get the most out of your space by evaluating how much room you have, considering the various living room styles and exploring accents to complete the look.


    Living Room Lighting Ideas

    When it comes to living room lighting, your best option will depend on a few key factors. The shape and size of your space and your furniture and decor layout help determine which living room light fixtures make the most sense. Check out the following living room lighting ideas from Rooms To Go featuring cool living room lamps, decorative lights for living rooms and more.


    Living Room Organization and Storage Tips

    Keeping your space organized and clutter-free is essential for maintaining a beautiful living room design. Luckily, there are plenty of functional furnishings and creative living room decorating ideas you can use to ensure the room stays neat and tidy. Check out these tips and tricks from Rooms to Go to discover unique living room storage options for your interior design.

    Sofa vs. Sectional

    Sofa vs. Sectional Buying Guide

    Since the living room is often the central hub of the home, having comfy and stylish seating in this space is absolutely essential. When the time comes to decorate your living room, you'll likely have to decide between a sectional vs. a sofa. Weighing the pros and cons of using a sectional vs. a couch can help you select seating that suits your needs, your space and your style.


    Choosing a Functional & Stylish Living Room Table

    Finding the best living room tables to complete your chic, relaxing layout can be a challenge. Thankfully, Rooms to Go offers a variety of table options to help you put the finishing touches on your space. Whether you're arranging your home for entertaining guests or looking for tips on how to decorate a living room, consider the following types of living room tables for your home.


    Types of Living Room Chairs

    Whether you need extra seating for guests or just want to add a chic and practical accent to your space, Rooms To Go has a variety of chair styles to suit your needs. From accent chairs to cozy arm chairs, these different types of chairs for a living room have much to offer. Use our guide below to learn which type of chair is best for your layout and decorative theme.


    How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Living Room

    A chic and comfy sofa is an essential centerpiece for any living room. Couches with cozy cushions and functional features allow you and your loved ones to relax and unwind in comfort, whether you’re enjoying a midday catnap or throwing a lively and entertaining movie night. To find the best sofa for living rooms, you’ll have to compare factors like sofa sizes, styles and designs.

    Red leather sofa


    How to Choose a Living Room Rug

    An area rug's color, texture, placement and size create the overall feel of your living room and make an instant impression on guests when they enter the space. However, choosing the right living room rug for your unique layout can be difficult. Thankfully, our living room rug guide can help turn that challenge into an opportunity to make your design truly shine.


    Sectional Couch Guide: Dimensions, Types and Layouts

    Due to their roomy seats and compact design, many people choose sectional sofas for their living rooms. To pick the right sectional for your space and family, you must first understand the different sizes, shapes and configurations available.

    denim sectional sofa

    Make the most of your space with living room furniture from Rooms To Go. Our selection features plush, comfortable seating options such as sofas, sectionals and recliners to help you unwind after a long day. Meanwhile, attractive and functional items like tables, tv consoles, ottomans and accent chairs allow you to create your perfect look.

    Our selection includes a range of designs to complement your existing furniture or create the ideal family room in your new home. Searching for something sleek and streamlined? Check out modern, contemporary or mid-century modern living room furniture. If you prefer a cozy or classic approach, consider rustic and traditional furniture from our collection.

    Whether you're searching for the finishing touch for your layout or revamping your entire family room, we offer a wide variety of living room furniture and decor to choose from. Complete sets provide both foundational and accent pieces to give your layout a finished look. On the other hand, Rooms To Go also offers individual items to coordinate with your existing decor.

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