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    Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    Bedroom Interior Design: Ideas for Furniture, Themes and Decor

    Bedrooms serve as cozy sleep spaces and relaxing spots for personal leisure time. As such, you will need to include both stylish and soothing items to create a beautiful and balanced look. Choosing the right color scheme, furniture, lighting, bedding and decor lets you transform the space into the comfy bedroom retreat of your dreams.

    Bedroom Themes and Color Schemes

    Lay a beautiful foundation for your bedroom design by selecting a theme and palette first. Picking out the room’s style and colors lets you set the mood and promote a chic and comfortable atmosphere for your space. Different hues and designs in your bedroom can have different effects, so take some time to consider the atmosphere and setting you want for your personal retreat.

    Stand-Out and Soothing Bedroom Palettes

    Balance is key when it comes to selecting a bedroom color scheme. Soft, subtle shades promote restful sleep. However, using some vibrant colors throughout your ensemble adds a fun flourish that brightens up the room for your favorite relaxing activities.

    • Black and White Bedroom: The contrast of black and white decor offers dramatic impact that still feels calm and soothing. Top your black bed frame with ivory linens or offset white walls with black bedroom decor and furniture. While it may be a simple color combo, black and white provide a balanced and elegant bedroom palette.
    • Cool Blue Palette: Enhance the soothing atmosphere of your bedroom with various shades of blue. Setting up a blue bed or painting a deep navy accent wall boosts a bedroom’s calming aura. If you want to forgo the paint job, add some blue accent pillows to the bedspread or try bright aqua and teal accent pieces for a tranquil yet refreshing feel.
    • Stable Gray Color Scheme: Aside from establishing a calming atmosphere, gray bedding, curtains and other bedroom decor serve as a neutral base to help other colors pop. A gray headboard makes a great background for colorful red, green or orange pillows. You can also use gray accent benches and rugs as contrast against white walls and beige carpet.
    • Tranquil Earth-Tone Bedroom: Earthy colors inspire a warm and inviting atmosphere. Rich brown accents and dark wood decor boost the cozy, secure vibe of the room. Topping your bed with emerald green sheets and comforters evokes the refreshing feel of the forest. Consider adding a yellow ottoman or an orange rug if you want some extra warmth and brightness.
    • Refreshing Pastel Palette: A pastel color scheme puts a soothing spin on your favorite hues. Decorating with yellow decor adds a soft and innocent touch to a room with a darker lavender accent wall. Pale blue and mint green wall art also bring a calm and colorful look to your room.

    Bedroom Design Ideas: Fashionable and Fun Bedroom Themes

    Another approach to personalizing your bedroom is to choose a theme. Designing with a motif showcases your unique sense of style and emphasizes the fact that your room is a relaxing hangout as well as a comfy sleep space. Consider the following themes for adding a fashionable flair to your bedroom.

    • Cottage and Farmhouse: These themes combine casual and rustic bedroom decor for the ultimate cozy, charming and laid-back aesthetic. Natural light wood pieces and simple accent pillow patterns give the room a homey touch to help you kick back and relax.
    • Coastal: If you favor a bright and beachy vibe, a coastal bedroom theme may be just right for you. Decorating with beige rugs and ocean blue bedding can give your bedroom the look of a breezy shoreline. You can also add wall decor depicting conch shells and gorgeous seascapes to turn your room into a tropical vacation spot.
    • Traditional Bedrooms: For a timeless look and a dignified feel, consider traditional decor for your room. Your classic set-up could include luxurious king and queen-themed bedroom decor like ornate vintage-style dresser mirrors and a chest of drawers with antique pulls and a rich dark wood or cherry finish. These pieces are perfect for creating an elegant, upscale design.
    • Contemporary Bedrooms: Want a more updated look for your room? Deck out your space with contemporary bedroom decor and furniture. From unique headboards and low-profile beds to jewel-embellished dresser mirrors and sleek bedside tables, these pieces provide the latest fashionable features for your chic bedroom layout.
    • Transitional Bedrooms: If you have an eclectic sense of style, try transitional bedroom decor for your room. The pillows, mirrors, wall art and other decorative accents in this style have both traditional and modern elements, establishing an atmosphere that is elegant and casual at the same time.

    Bedroom Set Ideas: Choosing a Furniture Layout

    Once you’ve decided on the colors and theme of your room, it’s time to furnish the space. Sketching out a rough idea of where you would like each piece to go can reduce the challenges of setting up your furniture in a way that looks nice and maximizes your space. These bedroom layout suggestions can help you decide how to set up rooms of varying sizes.

    King Bedroom Ideas

    A spacious primary bedroom allows you to explore a wide range of potential set-ups. One option is to let your stately canopy or poster bed serve as a dramatic centerpiece and place a set of coordinating nightstands on each side. Your dresser-mirror set can sit across from your bed and, if you have the room, you can add a tiny sitting area with accent chairs and a small table off to the side.

    Queen Bedroom Ideas

    To outfit an apartment bedroom, guest room or queen-size bedroom, set up your platform bed in the center of the far wall. Angle your chest of drawers into the adjacent corner and set your dresser along the length of the wall, leaving plenty of space to move around each item. You can also consider setting up a vanity table across from the dresser or next to your closet.

    Full Bedroom Ideas

    Depending on your preferences and available square footage, your full bed can extend into the middle of the room or serve as a corner bed. From there, you can decide whether the dresser looks better next to the bed or across from it. You can also tuck a kid’s desk and chair into the opposite corner to serve as a study space.

    Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    Every bit of floor space counts when you’re outfitting a tiny room. Keep the center of the area as clear as possible by setting your twin bed, daybed or bunk beds horizontally along the room’s width. Opt for a single nightstand or try a tiny ottoman or end table instead. For more vertical storage, choose a small bookcase or tower shelf that can fit into a corner.

    Bedroom Organization: Sizing up Bedroom Storage Needs

    Even with a spacious closet, nightstands, a nine-drawer dresser and a trundle or storage bed, you may still need extra furnishings to help keep your room neat and organized. Here are some stylish bedroom furniture ideas and storage options for your rooms:

    • Storage Ottomans and Benches: Storage ottomans and benches offer a handy place to stow extra odds and ends in your bedroom.
    • Desks and Tables: A small desk or narrow console table serves as a place to organize work and school supplies as well as a spot to display decorative vases and figurines.
    • Shelves: Aside from holding novels and magazines, bookcases can also act as an open-concept closet where you can set your shoes, folded clothes and accessories.
    • Kids Storage: Practical kids’ storage pieces such as toy boxes and cubbies are perfect for helping little ones keep their favorite playthings off of the floor.

    Bedroom Lamps and Fixtures: Setting the Mood with Lighting

    Light fixtures help create a cozy and chic bedroom design. Practical bedside lighting illuminates the area for your pre-bedtime rituals. Soft glowing table lamps are great for those who like to read before bed, while a floor lamp lights up rooms for late-night study sessions. You can also choose dramatic chandeliers, fairy lights and fun kids’ lamps for a unique touch.

    Bedding: Luxury Linens for Comfortable Sleep

    Plush beautiful bedding allows you to complement your stylish set-up and keep your sleep space cozy. Since they come in neutral shades of black, beige and brown as well as striking pink, red, yellow and orange tones, it’s easy to find a comforter or quilt set to suit your chosen color scheme. Their various patterns can also enhance the stylish theme of your space.

    Bedroom Decor Ideas: Finishing Touches for a Relaxing Room

    With all your furniture in place, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your bedroom design. A few bedroom decor items bring a little extra comfort and personalization to your room. Use these cozy and delightful pieces to round out your layout and establish the perfect bedroom escape for relaxation.

    Bedroom Seating

    Adding seating to your bedroom lets you create a comfy and practical spot to unwind or enjoy quiet activities. A plush armchair provides an excellent seat for knitting or reading a book before bed. Setting an accent bench or chaise at the foot of your bed gives you a place to sit as you put on your shoes. Also, cushy poufs, gaming chairs and bean bag chairs are excellent additions in kids’ and teens’ rooms.

    Bedside Rugs

    Rugs provide extra color, softness and style to your bedroom. Use a spacious area rug beneath the bed to highlight your sleep space, or pick a round rug to designate a reading nook or study area in the corner. If you just want a cozy option to sink your toes into on chilly mornings, consider a small rug with fuzzy shag material for your bedside.

    Wall Decor for Bedrooms

    Posters, paintings and other wall decor complement your color scheme and add to the beauty of your bedroom. Select decorative mirrors and yellow artwork for a bright and cheerful vibe or keep things cool with deep blue and soothing green pieces. You can also choose from gorgeous rustic, contemporary, traditional and casual pieces to enhance the stylish look of your set-up.

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