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    Tween Girls Bedroom Ideas

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    Bedroom Makeovers for Tween Girls

    For preteen girls, life is full of opportunities and change, and their evolving sense of style is a big part of growing up. A bedroom makeover at this stage lets your tween express her personality and focus on her interests and hobbies. To design a tween bedroom you both will love, work together to choose a new style, change her room’s layout and experiment with color and decor.

    Choosing a Style for a Girls Room Makeover

    Most tween girls prefer to distance themselves from childhood decor with more sophisticated styles that reflect their unique personalities. Ask your daughter to research some tween girl bedroom ideas and collect images of her favorite looks and furniture styles. Take time to discuss her choices as well as budget or space limitations. Start her research with a few popular girls bedroom ideas, such as:

    • Contemporary: With clean lines and edgy patterns and colors, contemporary furniture offers a chic, grown-up look with plenty of visual appeal. Sleek loft beds with metal frames or streamlined slat beds in hues like black or white capture this vibe perfectly.
    • Rustic: If authenticity and the great outdoors are central to her interests, your tween will adore the natural materials and earth tones used in rustic and farmhouse decor. Try a panel bedroom set or wooden dresser to create a retreat that emphasizes simple elegance with plenty of charm.
    • Beachy: If your daughter has a calling for surf and sand, a beachy bedroom might become her favorite hangout when the seaside is out of reach. Search for platform beds and bedside tables with weathered finishes in gray or ivory. Style the layout with preteen room decor featuring surfboard, seashell or sandal motifs and bedding sets that combine aqua blues with sunny yellow hues.
    • Traditional: Girls who are ready to move on from princess-themed decor but still want a fun, feminine vibe may like traditional bedroom furniture. Sleigh and poster beds in crisp white or dark wood tones offer ornate designs and fanciful flourishes.

    Preteen Girls Room Layouts

    When planning a tween girl’s bedroom layout, your goal is to balance areas of the room for sleep, study and social activities. Her bed is central to the design, and you’ll need to account for its size when choosing the rest of her furniture. Storage for clothing and accessories should also factor into her layout.

    A Place to Sleep

    The design and style of your daughter’s bed set the tone for the rest of her room, and you both will want something comfortable, practical and stylish. To ensure she’ll get a good night’s rest, ask for her input or spend time together by shopping for your tween girl’s bed as part of a fun day out.

    Depending on the size of the room and the additional furniture needed, either a twin or full-size bed can work from a comfort standpoint. When it comes to color, using neutrals in a tween bedroom is smart. Her tastes are likely to change as she gets older. Choosing colors and finishes that coordinate easily with other hues now makes for hassle-free redecorating later.

    A Study Space

    To give your budding scholar every advantage and make studying a little easier, consider adding a desk to your tween girl’s bedroom decor. Tuck a desk in a cozy corner to keep her focused on work or choose a loft bed and desk set to make the most of shared or smaller rooms.

    A Hangout Spot

    Support your daughter’s thriving social life with seating for her room. This space should feel personal and welcoming to her friends, so make sure she’s involved in the planning and choices you make for her tween hangout furniture and decor.

    Try a mini sofa and vanity set to give your tween and her friends a place to paint their nails or try out new makeup and hair looks. Musical kids might like chairs and a table for jam sessions with friends. For gamer girls and film fans, a media station with comfy seats or fluffy ottomans for co-op games and a futon for movie nights are ideal.

    If square footage is an issue, a daybed can serve as a sofa during the day with the option of a trundle for sleepovers. Meanwhile, a bunk with a lower futon takes advantage of vertical space, so she’ll have more room for other furnishings. Some daybeds also come with built-in bookcases that save valuable floor space while keeping her growing library organized.

    Tween Bedroom Organization

    Whether she’s typically tidy or a bit disorganized, adding stylish storage to your tween girl’s room will help her keep things neat. Bedroom furniture standards like dressers and bedside tables keep clothes and accessories well organized. If her room is large enough, include storage for sports gear, craft supplies and other hobby equipment. Consider ideas like:

    • Dressers: Perfect for her fashionable tops and jeans, bedroom dressers with spacious drawers provide plenty of storage. A hutch and chest of drawers combo is another cute dresser idea that offers space for photos, trophies and other personal items.
    • Nightstands: Place a pair of nightstands next to her bed for easy access to her cellphone, table lamp and magazines. If she follows a skincare routine, keeping products handy in a bedside table makes morning and night treatments easy and convenient, too.
    • Bookcases: Bookcases keep novel collections and textbooks within easy reach. A bookshelf also gives her the opportunity to add stylish accents and embellish her tween room decor theme.
    • Storage Bins: Perfect for underbed spaces, cubbies and shelves, storage bins help create an organized, cool room for tweens who need to keep craft materials, makeup or hair styling tools neat and secure.

    Cool Rooms for Tweens: Picking the Right Color

    Choosing colors can be tricky. Your daughter may insist on bright trendy colors only to regret it later. Take time to discuss her room palette and look for middle ground. If she loves a mix of bold colors, a full upholstered bed with a striking pattern is a fair compromise, and you can introduce more hues with green area rugs, blue table lamps and red bean bag seats that are easy to swap out later.

    If she prefers soft pastels, search for tween bedroom furniture in muted shades like gray, tan and pale pink. Style her bed with beige accent pillows to complement crisp white bedding, or pair a pink rug or orange floor pillow with a slate step bunk bed for a warmer, softer look.

    Experiment with Trends Using Preteen Room Decor

    At this age, everything from your daughter’s music preferences and fashion choices to favorite celebrities and makeup looks can change rapidly, which can make choosing tween girl bedroom decor tough for budget-conscious parents. To support your child as she tries on different personas and designs, focus on decorating with stylish accents that come with smaller price tags.

    Accessories like lamps, rugs, wall art, decals and tween bedding give her opportunities to experiment with different styles as she develops her sense of self. Since lighting and posters are less expensive to replace than larger items like dressers and beds, tween girls’ room decor lets her reinvent herself and her room in an affordable way.

    Preteen Bedroom Ideas: Blend Old and New

    The transition from kid to tween is a process that takes time, and there are still parts of her childhood that your daughter will cherish. Tween girls’ rooms that combine treasured toys with new accessories and furniture help them to ease into the changes of the coming years.

    When she’s ready to move toward a teen aesthetic, talk with her and pay attention to which items she still uses or wants to keep. Older items can take on a new purpose or inspire a new look. Consider displaying mementos in a shadow box, refreshing a ballerina theme with more sophisticated artwork or transforming a princess room into a posh luxury suite fit for a queen.

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