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    Decorating a Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom Ideas

    Master Bedroom Ideas: Choosing Your Layout, Designs and Decor

    The master bedroom should be a comfortable sanctuary where you can let go of all the stressors and responsibilities of your day. The best primary suite is a relaxing getaway that reflects your unique personality and interests. Whether your tastes run refined and elegant or homey and rustic, the right layout, furnishings and decor can turn your room into a retreat from the world.

    This article will explain how to:

    Primary Bedroom Layouts: How to Set Up a Bedroom

    Your primary bedroom is a place to begin each morning, enjoy some relaxed free-time and wind down from long days. Dividing the room into different zones is a great way to design a space that fulfills these functions. Think about your daily routine to help you decide how to arrange your bedroom furniture.

    • Grooming and Dressing: Create a space to get ready and dressed each morning. If you usually do your hair and makeup right after your morning shower, place a vanity table near your en suite bathroom. You can also position your armoire and dresser nearby to keep all of your cosmetics, styling tools, accessories and clothes in one convenient area.
    • Grab and Go Station: To ensure that you have everything you need on your way out, put an accent bench or small console table beside your bedroom door. Use it to hold your keys, wallet, purse, laptop bag, gym duffel, umbrella or anything else you want to take with you. Add a hall tree or over-the-door hooks for your jacket and you’ll be on the road in record time.
    • The Free Time Zone: If you have extra space, include a comfy and quiet area for relaxing and enjoying your favorite hobbies. Use a lounge-worthy chaise as a cozy napping spot or try a cushy arm chair or recliner for knitting, watching your favorite show or reading. You’ll also need a spacious bookcase or TV console to hold your media collection.
    • A Restful Nest: A sturdy headboard offers support for reading or surfing the internet in bed, while a bedside table lets you keep phone chargers and remotes in one handy spot. You can also stow extra pillows and blankets in a storage bench at the foot of the bed for easy access on chilly nights.
    • Small Master Bedroom Ideas: Even a primary bedroom with limited space has plenty of potential. A queen bed with a bookcase headboard for your alarm clock and water glass lets you skip the nightstands and save floor space. Swap out the dresser for a small bookcase to hold shoes and folded clothes. Finally, use an armless chair and a small end table for an intimate seating area.

    Primary Bedroom Designs: Show Off Your Stylish Side

    One way to bridge the gap between simple sleep space and relaxing bedroom retreat is to include stylish pieces that showcase your interests and complement your personality. Picking a theme or motif for your bedroom allows you to create a chic, comfy and cohesive atmosphere. As you design your bedroom suite, it’s important to consider what styles suit your unique aesthetic.

    Modern Primary Bedroom

    If you love simple, streamlined design, then you may appreciate the appeal of a modern bedroom. Beds, dressers and nightstands with sleek silhouettes promote a neat and orderly look. In most cases, modern bedroom decor has a palette of neutral black, white and gray with subtle accents in bolder shades like green and blue.

    Form follows function in modern design, so these furnishings are as practical as they are stylish. For example, storage beds provide a space to stow odds and ends, while adjustable mattresses and bases let you customize your comfort.

    Some high-tech headboards include built-in USB ports for electronics and LED lights that serve as reading lamps.
    Some high-tech headboards include built-in USB ports for electronics and LED lights that serve as reading lamps.

    Elegant Bedroom Ideas

    A traditional bedroom design has an air of luxury. The stately and dignified look of a bed with a canopy, poster or sleigh frame gives the room a lavish allure. Antique-style bedside tables and decorative dresser mirrors enhance the upscale aesthetic with their rich finishes and ornate carvings. This elegant decor is perfect for showing off your opulent style and exquisite taste.

    Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

    Want to inspire a laid back vibe? Try a rustic bedroom set. Natural wood grain detailing paired with light and dark wood finishes enhances a casual and cozy aesthetic, while sturdy-framed panel beds add an old-world charm to your room. You can also include colorful bedding with floral and plaid prints to evoke a cottage or farmhouse feel.

    Primary Bedroom Decor: How to Decorate a Primary Bedroom

    From practical seating and storage to eye-catching artwork and figurines, bedroom decor lets you put the finishing touches on your layout. Once your bedroom has all the essentials, choose gorgeous decorative pieces to personalize your design and transform your space into a one-of-a-kind suite.

    Primary Bedroom Accent Furniture

    A small loveseat adds to the upscale feel of your primary bedroom. Place a little end table by the sofa for a relaxing spot to sip your coffee and watch the sunrise in the mornings. For rooms with limited space, a stylish accent chair or upholstered bench serves as a comfy spot to sit as you slip on your sneakers or kick off those killer heels.

    Decorative Rugs

    Whether you’re looking to define the different zones of your bedroom or just want a little extra softness underfoot, decorative rugs are a great addition. Consider a large area rug beneath the bed, a colorful round carpet for your sitting area and a small mat for your walk-in closet.